Frequently Asked Questions for the Regulatory Affairs Training Program

For prospective participants: 

Question:  How much does the program cost?
Answer:  The program is free of charge at this time, but this may change in the future.

Question:  Is the program offered to those outside of Duke?
Answer:  Yes, the program is offered to anyone. Some background knowledge of medical research is helpful.

Question:  Is there a certificate offered at the end of the program?
Answer:  No, certificates are not offered for this program. Designed as an introductory overview of regulatory affairs, the value of this program is in the content presented.  You may choose to list your participation in this program on your resume, however, there is no formal credit provided.

Question:  How much time does this program take?
Answer:  There will be a one-hour lecture each week for six weeks. Review of sample regulatory submissions and quizzes are optional but encouraged. These activities will require additional time.

Question:  I registered for the program but have not received any information on it yet.  When should I expect to get the information for the program?
Answer:  You will get a “Welcome Email” two weeks prior to the program start date with all of the specific information regarding the program. Please check all of your email addresses and your junk folder. If it is within 2 weeks of the session and you cannot find the “Welcome Email”, please email

Question:  I do not live in the United States but have to select a state on the registration form. What should I do?
Answer:  If you live outside of the United States, please leave the state field blank and include your country.

For current participants: 

Question:  How do I access the Zoom sessions?
Answer:  Please use the Zoom registration link in the Welcome Email to register for the program. Once registered, you will receive a link to the Zoom webinar sessions.  

Question: I can't hear the session on Zoom, can you help? 
Answer: We ensure that the sound is working before each session.  If you are unable to hear, please check your computer settings or contact Zoom support.

Question:  I missed the previous weekly session.  How can I review the material to make it up?
Answer:  We try our best to record each session, but cannot guarantee that we will have a recording for each week. If we have a recording, we will post it the next business day after the live session in the Duke Box folder for that week.

Question:  Do I need to complete the quizzes and homework?
Answer:  No, the quizzes and homework are an optional learning opportunity.

Question:  Do I need a Duke ID to log into the Duke Box link?
Answer:  No, the link should take you straight to the Box page.