Frequently Asked Questions for the Regulatory Affairs Training Program

For prospective participants: 

Question: How much does the program cost?
Answer: The program is free of charge at this time, but this may change in the future.

Question: Is the program offered to those outside of Duke?
Answer: Yes, the program is offered to anyone. Some background knowledge of medical research is helpful.

Question: Is there a certificate offered at the end of the program?
Answer: No, certificates are not offered for this program. Designed as an introductory overview of regulatory affairs, the value of this program is in the content presented.  You may choose to list your participation in this program on your resume, however, there is no formal credit provided.

Question: How much time does this program take?
Answer: There will be a one-hour lecture each week for six weeks. Optional quizzes are available, which will require additional time.

Question: When is the training program held?
Answer: The program is typically held twice a year, in the Spring and in the Fall.

Question: I live in a different time zone and cannot attend the session from 12 – 1 pm Eastern Time, can I still register?
Answer: Yes, you can still register for the course.  We record the sessions and place the recordings in a Duke Box folder where you will be able to access them and watch them at a time that works for you. 

Question: I completed the training program interest form, what will happen next?
Answer: Approximately 4 weeks before the next program begins, you will receive an email with a link to the registration form for completion. 

Question: When can I register for the program?
Answer: If registration is available for an upcoming session, the registration link will be posted on our website. If you complete registration before it closes, you will be included in the session and have access to the course materials and recordings, once available. If there is no link for registration, the session is closed to new registrants.  Please do not request access to the program once the link to the registration form has been removed.  You may instead complete the training program interest form and a registration form will be emailed to you at the email address you provide once a registration form is available for the next session.

There is no maximum number of registrants to the program.  However, attendance during the live sessions, 12-1pm Eastern Time, is limited.

Question: I registered for the program but have not received any information on it yet.  When should I expect to get the information for the program?
Answer: You will get a “Welcome Email” one week prior to the program start date with all of the specific information regarding the program. Please check your junk folder associated with the email address that you used on the registration form. If it is within 2 days of the session start and you cannot find the “Welcome Email”, please email

If you registered within 1 week of the program start you can expect the welcome email 1 day before the program starts.

Question: I do not live in the United States but have to select a state on the registration form. What should I do?
Answer: If you live outside of the United States, please leave the state field blank and include your country.

Question: I completed an interest form or registration form but I can no longer attend. What should I do? 
Answer: No action is needed.  If you are interested in the next available program, check back on our website and complete the next program’s interest form, once available.

Question: I completed the interest form but I did not receive the registration form. What should I do? 
Answer: The link to the registration form will also be available on our website, and you may complete the registration form there.

For current participants: 

Question: How do I access the Zoom sessions?
Answer: Please use the Zoom registration link in the Welcome Email to register for the program through Zoom. Once registered, you will receive a link to the Zoom webinar sessions, you can add the series to your calendar from this email.  Attendance in the Zoom webinars is limited, please only register if you plan to attend the sessions live.   

Question: I can't hear the session on Zoom, can you help? 
Answer: We ensure that the sound is working before each session.  If you are unable to hear, please check your computer settings, exit and return to the session, or contact Zoom support.

Question: I missed the previous session.  How can I review the material to make it up?
Answer:  We will post a recording of the session the next business day after the live session in the Duke Box folder for that week. 

Question: Do I need to complete the quizzes and homework?
Answer: No, the quizzes and homework are an optional learning opportunity.

Question: Do I need a Duke ID to log into the Duke Box link?
Answer: No, the link should take you straight to the Box page.