Precision Genomics Collaboratory News

In Search of a Few Good Mentors

Mentors make a difference! The Summer Scholars Program is looking for more mentors to help provide first- and second-year students from across the country opportunities to gain valuable experience in the lab.

PGC Announces Student Pilot Grant Awardees

The Duke University School of Medicine Office of Biomedical and Graduate Education (OBGE) and Precision Genomics Collaboratory awarded 7 pilot grants of $2,000 each to SOM Biomedical PhD students. The goal of these grants is to support our students in scientific and educational efforts to bolster their graduate training experiences. These awards will help further research in a broad array of topics including cancer, gut microbes, RNA and DNA sequencing, neurons and astrocytes, developing new methods.

Sequencing Core launches Illumina X Plus sequencer

The Sequencing and Genomics Technologies Core Facility is running orders for the Illumina NovaSeq X Plus.

The X Plus provides high quality short read sequences for a fraction of the cost of the Illumina NovaSeq 6000. Additionally custom read-length projects can now purchase lanes instead of full flow cells (e.g. 75 SR for miRNA-seq, single cell protocols).

The available products are listed below, with more read options available towards the end of the year.


Internship at Duke Medical to benefit NCCU undergraduates

A new internship program aims to alleviate a shortage of African American physicians. North Carolina Central University and Duke University jointly developed the Mentored Internship Program, which allows an undergraduate from NCCU to work as an intern in the division of nephrology at Duke University School of Medicine for one year.