About the Precision Genomics Collaboratory

Our Mission:

Create a community for collaborative, interdisciplinary science and translation in genetics and genomics and expand the genomics platform at Duke University.

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What We Do

  • Coalesce: Have a unified scientific vision for the genetic and genomic research we conduct. 
  • Convene: Bring together basic, translational and clinical researchers as well as clinicians, administration and Duke leadership to accelerate genomic discovery and its translation.
  • Coordinate:  Serve as a hub and central resource to answer questions and help people know what tools and services are available to them at Duke.
  • Facilitate: Host symposia and seminar series, provide pilot grant funding for collaborative research, support Duke's genomic infrastructure, and build multidisciplinary, innovative research teams and working groups.

Our community of researchers spans basic, translational and clinical sciences across Duke University and the Duke Health System. The Collaboratory will fuel innovation in the cycle of basic discovery, translational and clinical research, and patient care, spurring discovery across precision medicine, genomics, human genetics, and translational to clinical care.

We Aim To

  • Create closer integration of basic genome science faculty and resources across campus
  • Enhance interactions and collaborations between basic genome science faculty with clinical science faculty to foster new collaborations and bridges to the Duke Health System
  • Enhance technology and information platforms to support functional genomics research and precision medicine analytics
  • Develop a platform for scientific exchange within the Duke genetics/genomics community
  • Support and expand Duke's human genetics infrastructure for genetic discovery, human genetics and clinical care
  • Identify top talent for recruitment

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