Status of Migration to the Drupal Federation

Please submit this form on the status of your migration efforts to the new Drupal Federation by no later than Friday, January 14th. This is just an assessment of where units are in their migration efforts, relative to the end of life of Drupal 7. Please continue to reach out to if you have any particular questions or need for assistance. 


Status of Migration
How helpful do you find the Documentation site (user manual?)
How helpful did you find the training?
Did you hire a vendor to help with migration?
How many people are working on your site's migration?
Please note: 
  • the last date to submit a site for launch is June 1st, 2022 to ensure a safe launched by the June 30, 2022 deadline. 
  • you must complete all of your edits and submit your ticket to launch at least 2 weeks before your anticipated launch date. You may make no additional edits or updates to your site during this two week period. 
  • there are approximately 40 sites that still need to be launched and we cannot launch all of them in June!
Which of the following have you or your team, taken advantage of?
If more than one, please select "Other" and then write short answers in the field. 
In what area do you need assistance from the Drupal team?