CoreResearch@Duke - Grant Manager Resources

Q: My PI has a new code in SAP. How do I get it into CoreResearch@Duke?
A: CoreResearch receives all new fund codes in a nightly automated job run from SAP. Because of the system-to-datamart timing, it may take 2 nights to appear.

Q: Why can't I see my PI's fund code?
A: Fund code management is based on SAP's master data. People with the role of GM1/2 or RFP1/2 can manage the code. When logged in as a Financial Manager, if the fund code does not appear it is likely because you are not identified as one of these roles within SAP. Please contact your departmental administrator to make changes to SAP's master data.

Q: I need to link lab members to a project, but they don't appear in the list of my PI's group within the Manage Projects section. How can I fix that?
A: If they are not already linked to that project and don't appear in the list of lab members, they must first be added to the PI's lab. From the Account Management tramline, select Manage PI and add the person to the lab group.

Q: My fund code shows up as "Expired" but I have a no-cost extension. What do I need to do to allow the fund code to continue to be used?
A: No action is needed. Although the project status appears as "Expired" based on the project end date in SAP, new requests and reservations may be created as long as the project status is not put on hold.

Q: Someone I don't recognize is using my PI's fund code. Why is that happening, and how can I prevent it?
A: Users with the role of Principal Investigator, PI Delegate, and Financial Manager can all add users to labs and link them to fund codes. Please review your PI's lab users, especially any who may have PI Delegate authority, and discuss appropriate linking responsibilities with your PI.

Q: How can I tell if there are any outstanding requests on my fund code?
A: Requests appear in the Pending Services (work in progress) and Billable Services (completed work) areas. A search by fund code in those tramstops will identify any outstanding requests or reservations.

Q: How do I change the fund code so I can close my project cleanly?
A: Fund codes cannot be changed on completed requests (those in the Billable Services area). Contact the core to ask them to bill immediately. For in-process requests (those in Pending Services), contact the core with the correct fund code.

Q: I put my code on hold. Why did charges post after that?
A: Putting a code on hold only prevents new requests and reservations from being created, it does not prevent any existing requests and reservations from billing.