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The iRIS system, created by iMedRIS, is the electronic submission system utilized by the Duke research community to submit human participant research protocols online, using a web browser. Protocols submitted in iRIS are routed, reviewed, and finalized electronically.

iRIS is utilized by the Duke Health IRB as well as other Duke review constituents such as IACUC, Campus IRB, and IBC. 

***Please note: before working in iRIS, please make sure all of your required CITI training is complete and your institutional email address is in the correct format. Instructions on how to update your institutional email address can be found in the accordion section below. This is an important step to make sure you can be added to studies as key personnel.***

Why can I not find someone in iRIS? - If a user is not showing up in iRIS, please make sure they have logged in to the system to create a profile. Complete this step by having the user go to and entering their netID and password. If you still cannot find the user after this step is complete, please contact

Why is my CITI training not showing up in iRIS? - IRIS retrieves your CITI training transcript via your institutional email address in CITI. This needs to be in the correct format in order for iRIS to read it correctly. Instead of using this format:, the institutional email address needs to be in this format: Instructions on how to change your institutional email address format are posted below. Once this change has been made, please allow 8 hours for the iRIS system to refresh. If the CITI training record is still not correct in iRIS, please contact

Click here for instructions on how to properly link your CITI and iRIS profiles.

11.02.01 Notes Now Available



11.02 Notes Now Available


iRIS User Manuals

iRIS Training Opportunities

Title Description Link
Introduction to Submitting an IRB Application in iRIS This course is designed to outline the basic process for an IRB application submission using the iRIS system. Register
Post-Approval Submission Forms in iRIS

This course is designed to outline the basic functions of post-approval submission forms using the iRIS system including:

  • DUHS Amendment Forms
  • DUHS IRB Migration Amendment Forms
  • DUHS IRB Continuing Review Forms
  • DUHS IRB Study Closure Forms
  • DUHS IRB KSP Forms

iRIS Tip Sheets and Job Aids

Tips Sheets and Job Aids will be added often.  Please check back frequently for additional resources as they become available.



New Study - Initial Reviews

Post Approval Submission Forms

CRU Review

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