Workforce Engagement and Resilience

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Workforce Engagement and Resilience 

To achieve the vision of advancing health and executing a coordinated strategy in clinical research to evolve the model of care outcomes.

The Workforce Engagement and Resilience (WE-R) team in DOCR adapted competencies for research professionals drafted by the Joint Task Force for Clinical Trials Competency (JTFCTC), to create a framework for clinical research jobs at Duke. These competencies are used as the foundation to help managers: 

  • Select titles for new positions
  • Set goals for professional development
  • Provide career advancement opportunities

School of Medicine leadership believe that a strong workforce of clinical research professionals will enable higher quality research and ultimately lead to better patient care and health outcomes.

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Clinical Research Data Professionals Job Classifications Project

Clinical research data staff are critical members of our research teams at Duke.  As discussed at CRU leadership meetings, the Workforce Engagement and Resilience (WE-R) program is expanding to include clinical research data staff. This job ladder expansion is a much smaller scale than the WE-R initiative rolled out in September 2016 for the 12 clinical research professional (CRP) positions. By adding the data positions to WE-R, this will ensure staff members working in clinical research data positions are appropriately classified and, as such, have the opportunity to receive necessary training, support, career ladders and professional development required for their job responsibilities. This review of job classifications also will help ensure that new employees working in clinical research data in the future will be hired into appropriate job classifications, according to the work that will be required of them.

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Sharable Tools

Job Mapping Tool

Duke mapped incumbent employees into new clinical research job classifications. This is being done with the use of a tool developed in REDCap. In the instructions document below, we describe how to use the tool to collect employee report of job responsibilities and competencies, and how the manager will review and edit the employee’s report. The document also describes how to create a report for each employee that summarizes the information from the employee and manager REDCap tool for review.

Publication: Brouwer, R. N., Deeter, C., Hannah, D., Ainsworth, T., Mullen, C., Hames, B., ... & Snyder, D. C. (2017). Using competencies to transform clinical research job classifications. Journal of Research Administration48(2), 11-25.

Title Picker Tool

Duke has developed a tool to ensure that hiring into clinical research positions is consistent. The title picker tool allows the person that best understands the job responsibilities for the position being requested to complete a survey. The survey is submitted and a committee convenes to provide a title that best fits the job responsibilities reported. The results are sent to the requester within 5-7 business days for the Human Resources managers to process and open the position.

Publication: Deeter C, Hannah D, Stroo M, et al. Tackling standardization in clinical research workforce hiring using competency-based job classifications. Journal of Clinical and Translational Science. 2023;7(1):e244. doi:10.1017/cts.2023.672

The Duke WE-R team has developed a Clinical Research Professional Onboarding Toolkit that you may request to access. We are happy to share our Program Implementation Plan and Onboarding Toolkit repository of materials with other academic institutions for noncommercial and/or academic use to aid in implementing similar programming. Complete our Onboarding Toolkit Access Request Form to request access along with a consultation with the Workforce Engagement and Resilience team if needed.

© Copyright 2023. Duke University. The copyrighted materials within the Clinical Research Onboarding Toolkit is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0. All other rights reserved. Developed by the Duke Office of Clinical Research (DOCR) with support from the National Center For Advancing Translational Sciences of the National Institutes of Health under Award Number UL1TR002553. This onboarding toolkit is intended for noncommercial and/or academic use only. All other uses, including for-profit licensing requests, should contact or  and reference "OTC File 8242" for further licensing information.

Presentations and Publications

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ACRP Welcomes Duke Office of Clinical Research as Partner Advancing the Clinical Research Workforce™

The Duke Office of Clinical Research joins the Association of Clinical Research Professionals Partners Advancing the Clinical Research Workforce. ACRP’s Partners Advancing the Clinical Research Workforce™ is a multi-stakeholder collaborative of clinical research industry leaders who are committed to building a diverse, research-ready clinical research workforce.

“We’ve been working on building a resilient, more diverse workforce at our academic medical center since 2014,” says Denise Snyder, Associate Dean for Clinical Research at Duke University’s Office of Clinical Research. “We appreciate the partnerships and perspectives gained from our participation in PACRW. We look forward to partnering with PACRW to strengthen the clinical research professional identity.”