DOCR OnCore Support Page

OnCore is the Clinical Research Management System (CRMS) developed by Forte Research Systems that will support clinical research activities at Duke which will allow for enhanced clinical research study management, robust reporting, enrollment tracking, and accurate clinical research billing.

OnCore training is required for all users to gain access to the system.

OnCore Enterprise Research Login


OnCore Training and Access

 Obtaining access to the system is a two step process: completing training and then submitting a ServiceNow ticket.

Step 1:  Each employee whose job duties require access to OnCore must complete the designated training for the appropriate functional role before access is granted to the OnCore system.

All Duke Health Clinical researchers must take the OnCore Basic Navigation Course as a required prerequisite to their specific functional training. 


Required OnCore Courses

OnCore Basic Navigation: This online course is a prerequisite for all OnCore Training courses and consists of two learning modules. Participants will be able to recognize and recall basic navigation functions within OnCore (Duke CRMS).


OnCore Training for the Clinical Research Coordinator:This online training course will provide step by step instructions on completing specific tasks relevant to the basic function(s) of a Clinical Research Coordinator at Duke.


OnCore Training for the Regulatory Coordinator: This online training course will provide step by step instructions on completing specific tasks relevant to the basic function(s) of a Regulatory Coordinator at Duke.


CRU Leadership Essentials in OnCore: This online training is for CRU leadership in Duke SoM such as the CRU Director, RPM, ARPM, etc. who need OnCore access specific to a clinical research unit. This course focuses on administrative and reporting functions in OnCore.


Administrative Leadership Essentials in OnCore: This online training course is for administrative leadership in Duke SoM who have organizational access in to OnCore (Dean, Assistant Dean, Chairmen, Business Managers, etc.). This course focuses on administrative and reporting functions in OnCore.


Principal Investigator Essentials in OnCore: This online training course provides an overview of OnCore for Principal Investigators. Participants will be able to recognize and recall basic navigation to the PI Console and Reports sections of the OnCore system for study management.



Additional Training

OnCore Training: Using the SIP Console - DOCR


This online training course will review how to set up the Study Information Portal (SIP) console in OnCore. Information entered into the SIP console is pushed to the website where the community can easily search for available research studies.


eReg for PIs and Protocol Staff - DOCR


Forte eReg is an electronic Regulatory Management System which allows organizations to store essential protocol documents, staff credentials, and organizational regulatory tracking documents; share documents between protocols; and manage effective and valid until dates on documents.



If an employee’s job duties include multiple functional roles, training for all functional roles must be completed to receive the appropriate access in the OnCore system. See examples below.


Multiple Job Duties & Functional Role
Required Training Classes

Clinical Research Coordinator who also performs traditional regulatory duties

  • Basic OnCore Navigation
  • OnCore Training for the Clinical Research Coordinator
  • OnCore Training for the Regulatory Coordinator

Principal Investigator who also performs traditional CRC duties

  • Basic OnCore Navigation
  • Principal Investigator Essentials in OnCore
  • OnCore Training for the Clinical Research Coordinator


Step 2:  Submit a ServiceNow Ticket for access.  Once you have completed the LMS or in person training for the role(s) you will serve you will need to submit a ServiceNow ticket for OnCore access.  To submit a ticket please go to

Select Get IT > Accounts & Access > Account Access Order Guide > OnCore – CRMS

The ServiceNow ticket will be routed to your Manager for access approval.  After your manager signs off on the ServiceNow ticket, the OnCore System Administrator will create your account.  You will receive an automated notice saying your OnCore account has been created and the ticket closed.


Add/Change/Deactivate Access

To add, change, or deactivate access to OnCore, use the same Account Access Order Guide form as above, but choose "Change" or "Deactivate" as the Type of Request. The ServiceNow ticket will be routed to your Manager for approval.


Where to Go For Help

What is an OnCore Champion?

An OnCore Champion is one of approximately 80 staff members here at Duke that have been trained in OnCore!  Champions are your first point of contact if you have questions related to OnCore. The best part about contacting a Champion, is that he or she may be located right in your department or CRU.  Check the Champion Directory to see who your OnCore Champion is today.  There is also a list of DOCR OnCore Champions available to assist a well.

If you experience difficulties with your training or have any questions related to your training requirements, please contact

For additional technical questions that cannot be answered by your local OnCore Champion or OnCore system access issues, you can contact


Online Module Tips & Recommendations

The Duke Learning Management System (LMS) is used to deliver online training, manage classroom training and the associated learning transcripts for Duke Employees and its affiliates.  Due to the wide variety of device configurations that access the LMS at Duke, it can be difficult to prevent all issues when launching e-learning courses and content from the LMS. 

In order to appropriately view online content the following system specifications are recommended:

  • Use Apple Safari 5.x or later, Google Chrome 10.x or later, Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 or later, or Mozilla Firefox 3.6.x or later browsers on a laptop or desktop computer. While you can access the LMS from a smart phone or tablet, not all of the content is compatible with those devices.
  • Allow pop-ups. The online content is displayed in a pop-up window.
  • Sometimes you may experience additional difficulty if access a course via WiFi or VPN.Often the course will launch once you have a hard-wired network connection.
  • Clearing your browser cache can also help fix many issues when launching e-learning content.
  • Some content in the LMS requires additional plugins if it is not supported in your browser.Use the links below to download and install:Java: Flash:

Please note that if you do not have "administrator rights" to your computer, you may have to contact your LAN Administrator for assistance.


Accessing Completed Learning in the LMS

To access completed learning modules in the LMS follow these instructions.


Entering a Help Ticket

For additional support, you can contact your local help desk or enter a Service Now ticket at