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ICD-10 Brings Changes to V70.7

On October 1st, ICD-9 codes will be replaced with ICD-10 codes.  Moving forward V70.7, “examination of a participant in a clinical trial,” will be replaced with the code Z00.6.  What does this mean for study teams?  Fortunately, all existing functionality in Maestro Care, including billing calendars and smart phrases, will automatically be updated with the new Z00.6 code.   However, when manually entering an ICD-10 code in an order set, please remember to use Z00.6.   After October 1st, the use of V70.7 will correspond with the diagnosis of “person on outside of bus injured in collision with pedestrian or animal in traffic accident,” which may or may not be related to your study.

Save the Date

The 2015 Clinical Research Appreciation Day “It Takes a Team!” will be held Tuesday, October 6th, 11:00 am – 2:00 pm, Trent Semans Center Great Hall. This year’s baseball themed event will include information tables, raffle prizes, and food and beverage.  This is a drop in event open to all faculty and staff who participate in clinical research at Duke.

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