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Research Appreciation Event

Thanks to all for a very successful Research Appreciation event. Check out our highlights video!

Congratulations to the following prize winners:

Scavenger Hunt - Kelly Stanly who won the Milk Jug Glasses Caddy

Door Prizes Raffle - Joan Cahill and Barbara Hall who each won a Galvanized Picnic Caddy

                                  Teresa Jones and Christina Jackson who each won a Trunk Organizer and Cooler

ICD-10 Brings Changes to V70.7

On October 1st, ICD-9 codes were replaced with ICD-10 codes.  Moving forward V70.7, “examination of a participant in a clinical trial,” has been replaced with the code Z00.6.  What does this mean for study teams?  Fortunately, all existing functionality in Maestro Care, including billing calendars and smart phrases, were automatically updated with the new Z00.6 code.   However, when manually entering an ICD-10 code in an order set, please remember to use Z00.6.   In the new ICD-10 codes, the use of V70.7 corresponds with the diagnosis of “person on outside of bus injured in collision with pedestrian or animal in traffic accident,” which may or may not be related to your study.

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