Research Policies and Guidelines

Policies Related to Research – Duke University Faculty Handbook

  • Protecting Human Subjects in Nonmedical Research
  • Policy on Inventions, Patents, and Technology Transfer
  • Interpretations of the Policy on Inventions, Patents, and Technology Transfer
  • Duke University Policy on Intellectual Property Rights
  • Patent Agreement
  • University-Industry Guidelines
  • Policy on Research Records: Sharing, Retention and Ownership
  • Duke University Policy and Procedures Governing Misconduct in Research
  • Principal Investigator Status

Sponsored Research – Organizational Structure, Policies, and Procedures – Duke University Faculty Handbook

Human Research Protection Program (HRPP) Policies

Animal Care and Use Policies

Biological Safety Policies

Expired IRB Approval Policy and Process

Guidance on NIH Public Access Policy

Minors in Lab Policy 

NIH Publication Policy

Radiation Safety Policies

Recombinant DNA Research in Human Subjects