Faculty Affairs Steering Committee

The Faculty Affairs Steering Committee (FAST) is convened by the Office for Faculty to provide an avenue for communication between the Dean’s Office and School of Medicine departments. The committee is run by Vice Dean for Faculty Ann Brown and includes representatives from most clinical departments and basic science administration. FAST Members are individuals responsible for academic affairs and personnel management within their respective units. Members of FAST support a positive and equitable work climate in their departments, one that supports growth, development, wellbeing and importantly, healthy and open interactions with each other. Though the scope of individual roles vary, FAST members can be a resource for faculty who want to discuss concerns, and can direct you to other resources that may be helpful for a particular situation. Below is the list of FAST members:

Departmental Representatives

Anesthesiology – Madhav Swaminathan, MD

Dermatology – Sarah Myers, MD

Family Medicine and Community Health – Greg Sawin, MD, MPH

Head and Neck Surgery & Communication Sciences – Walter Lee, MD

Medicine – Andrew Alspaugh, MD

Neurology – Daniel Laskowitz, MD

Neurosurgery – Patrick Codd, MD

Obstetrics and Gynecology – Geeta Swamy, MD

Ophthalmology – Eric Postel, MD

Orthopaedic Surgery – Alison Toth, MD

Pathology – David Howell, MD, PhD and Sarah Bean, MD

Pediatrics – Mara Becker, MD, MSCE and Coleen Cunningham, MD

Population Health Sciences – Karen Steinhauser, PhD

Psychiatry – Nicole Heilbron, PhD and Christine Marx, MD

Radiation Oncology – Brian Czito, MD and W. Robert Lee, MD

Radiology – Tracy Jaffe, MD

Surgery – Cynthia Shortell, MD


Additional Members

Ann Brown, MD, MHS, Vice Dean for Faculty

Cary Ward, MD, Director, Duke Clinical Leadership Program

Laura Svetkey, MD, MHS, School of Medicine Faculty Ombuds

Bill Richardson, MD, Co-Director, PACT

Diana McNeill, MD, Co-Director, PACT

Cindy Gordon, Administrative Director, PACT

Beth Sullivan, PhD, Associate Dean for Research Training

Blanche Capel, Ombuds, Cell Biology