How to Report Concerns

Speak to the person directly

Concerns about disruptive behavior are ideally raised directly with the person, as s/he may be unaware of how their behavior is affecting others. 

Speak to a supervisor or higher up

If speaking to the person directly is unsafe or does not resolve the issue, the concern should be reported to the next level of institutional authority, such as the division chief, department chair or unit director. In addition, other resources are available, including School of Medicine leadership, the Compliance Offices, the Faculty Ombuds, the Student Ombuds, the Office for Institutional Equity and Duke Personal Assistance Service. If the concern came from within a health care environment, individuals may also consider reporting incidents to the DUHS Professional Accountability Program (PACT)

Seek Dean’s Office support

Most faculty issues will be resolved at the personal, division, or department level. But when this is inappropriate, is unsuccessful, or when any party to the issue is uncomfortable with such an attempt, assistance from the Dean’s Office may be requested.

Call the Duke Health Integrity Line and Speak Up Program (800-826-8109)

Available anytime (24/7/365) to faculty/staff/students to report any concerns, including those about unprofessional faculty conduct. Complaints may be made anonymously. ​
For more information contact Mara Becker, MD, MSCE, Vice Dean for Faculty,