Faculty Annual Reviews

Annual performance reviews are an important part of individual development and accountability. All School of Medicine faculty are required to have regular performance reviews. 

Click here to review the full policy pertaining to annual reviews. 

Key facts: 

  • Non-tenured faculty must be reviewed annually and tenured faculty must be reviewed a minimum of once every three years. These are minimum requirements, and best practice is to review all faculty annually. 

  • Reviews should focus on the faculty member's accomplishments and document any issues for resolution. 

  • The review must be documented in writing and should be signed and dated by both the faculty member and the person conducting the review.

  • Departments are required to record the annual review meeting date for each faculty member in the dFac system.

Templates for Annual Reviews

The following templates are available to assist faculty and department administrators conducting annual reviews. You are welcome to adapt these templates to fit your unit's needs.