New Faculty Orientation

Starting a new faculty appointment is an exciting and challenging opportunity, and whether you joined Duke this month or last year, the School of Medicine Office for Faculty wants to make sure you have the tools and support to hit the ground running and to navigate your career here. The 2020-2021 School of Medicine Academic New Faculty Orientation will be structured as a series of seminars held over the course of six months, beginning in September. The entire series will be repeated twice between September 2020-September 2021 to give you more than one scheduling option for each session.

NFO Topics

Academic New Faculty Orientation will address the following topics:

  • Welcome and Institutional Overview
  • Appointments, Promotion, and Tenure (separate sessions for basic and clinical departments)
  • The History of Duke in Durham and Health Disparities
  • Funds Flow in the School of Medicine
  • Professionalism and Bystander Interventions
  • Faculty Development Resources
  • Navigating the Research Mission (separate sessions for basic and clinical/data sciences)

Current Schedule


  • Welcome and Institutional Overview - April 13, 2021, 4-5pm
    • Presented by: Ann Brown, MD, MHS, Vice Dean for Faculty
  • Appointments, Promotion, and Tenure in the Clinical Sciences - April 29, 2021, 9-11am
    • Presented by: James Tcheng, MD, Assistant Dean for Academic Appointments, Ann Brown, MD, MHS, Vice Dean for Faculty, and Clinical Sciences APT Leadership Panel
  • Appointments, Promotion, and Tenure in the Basic Sciences – April 27, 2021, 9-10am
    • Presented by: Cynthia Kuhn, PhD, Professor of Pharmacology and Cancer Biology 
  • The History of Duke in Durham and Health Disparities - May 12, 2021, 9-10:30am
    • Presented by: Jeffrey P. Baker, MD, PhD Professor of Pediatrics and History; Director, Trent Center for Bioethics, Humanities, and History of Medicine 
  • Funds Flow in the School of Medicine - June 10, 2021, 9-10:30am
    • Presented by: Scott Gibson, Executive Vice Dean for Administration 
  • Professionalism and Bystander Interventions – July 22, 2021, 10am-noon
    • Presented by: Ann Brown, MD, MHS, Vice Dean for Faculty; Laura Svetkey, MD, MHS, SOM Faculty Ombudsperson; Ada Gregory, MA, Associate Director of the Kenan Institute for Ethics and Student Ombudsperson 
  • Faculty Development Resources - August 16, 2021, noon-1pm
    • Presented by: The Office for Faculty and featuring representatives from a variety of faculty development offices 
  • Navigating the Research Mission (basic science focus) - September 23, 2021, 9am-noon
    • Moderated by Colin Duckett, PhD, Vice Dean for Basic Science 
  • Navigating the Research Mission (clinical/data science focus) - September 21, 2021, 2:30-5pm
    • Coordinated and Moderated by Rebecca Brouwer and Sunita Patil from the Office of Research Initiatives 


Who Should Attend?

All SOM faculty hired in the past three years are strongly encouraged to attend the full series. All are welcome, but material will be geared toward faculty hired in the last 3 years.

Where will these sessions be held?

Sessions will be held via zoom or webex for the foreseeable future. As the pandemic evolves we will consider a shift to in-person only when social distancing and safety guidelines allow.

How does this relate to other orientation activities? 

These sessions complement existing PDC and departmental onboarding efforts. Faculty with clinical appointments should continue to work with their PDC Integration Coordinator on clinical onboarding activities. Faculty conducting research should also connect with the Duke Office of Research Initiatives to schedule a 1:1 researcher onboarding session.

Who should I contact with questions? 

Questions can be sent to Jessica Womack in the School of Medicine Office for Faculty at

How do I register?

Click here to register for seminar dates

What if I missed a session?

Many sessions are recorded and all sessions will be repeated beginning in October, 2021