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Want to find more than 160,000 Duke alumni in one place? Visit the Duke Alumni Association’s new website, which gives you exclusive access to the complete Duke alumni network. The site allows you to search for classmates, view alumni profiles, join regional and affinity groups, and sign up for alumni events around the world. You can also share your LinkedIn profile with Duke, ensuring that classmates have up-to-date information on your professional skills and accomplishments. To get started, visit and click on “Register.”

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Have you taken a new appointment? Won any awards recently? Welcomed a son or daughter into the world? Performed some interesting volunteer work. Class notes are published in each issue of DukeMed Alumni News, so send us your updates along with suggestions for stories you'd like to see in future issues of the magazine.

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In addition to scheduled programs and events, we invite you to return to campus year-round to meet some of today’s remarkable Duke School of Medicine students, visit with favorite faculty members, and see for yourself the transformative new architecture for education, research and discovery taking shape on campus. To arrange a visit, contact Brie Russell.

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