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The Help Our Students Travel (HOST) program connects current Duke SOM students and trainees traveling for residency and fellowship interviews with alumni hosts in the vicinity of their interview sites. Alumni HOSTs may offer housing, helping to ease the financial burden and stress of the interview process. Alumni who cannot offer housing, may also be an eHOST by providing guidance on the local community, specialty, hospital, research, etc... The HOST program provides a wonderful opportunity to build connections between students, trainees, and alumni that can last a lifetime.

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We are looking for alumni volunteers to host medical students and trainees visiting their area for residency and fellowship interviews and/or to be available to take questions on life after medical school and residency. Let us know if you can help!

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Seeking a HOST? Fill out a Host Request Form for each trip/location you need assistance with. The alumni office will connect you with potential hosts in the area you are traveling.
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Alumni HOST FAQs

What are the responsibilities of an Alumni HOST?

Alumni who volunteer to be a HOST may do one or more of the following:

  • Provide overnight accommodations for student for one or two evenings.
  • Meals, transportation, and tours may be offered by the hosting alumni.
  • Counsel students/trainees who have questions about the residency program or the community where they are interviewing.
  • eHOST: Counsel students/trainees (over the phone or via e-mail) who have questions about the residency program or the community where they are interviewing.

What time of year will the visits take place?

Most residency interviews occur during the months of October through January.

How do I sign up to be a host?

Complete and submit the online HOST Volunteer Registration Form (above). The MAA will then contact you to begin the match process.

How far in advance will I be contacted?

Requestors are asked to contact their host as soon as they receive the contact information. Be sure to exchange cell phone/e-mail contact information. It is also a good idea to re-contact your student prior to his/her visit to confirm plans.

What happens if travel or interview plans change or get canceled?

The person you are hosting will contact you as soon as possible to let you know about any change in their travel plans.

Do I need to do anything after the visit is over?

Students/trainees are asked to take a photo of the host family with him/her to submit to the alumni office. We also ask that you complete a Host Program evaluation form.

*Please note: While we endeavor to match as many alumni volunteer hosts with students as we can, we cannot guarantee that all volunteers will be contacted. We appreciate your support for this program!

HOST Requests - FAQs

Who are the hosts?

All hosts are alumni of Duke University School of Medicine, including trainees and fellowship alumni.

How many times can I use the HOST program?

You may request a host as often as needed. The alumni office will make as many host connections as possible.

Can I stay with a host for more than one day?

Yes, some hosts are willing to have students arrive early/stay an extra day in order to take advantage of better travel rates.

Where are hosts available?

We have alumni hosts all over the country. With over 12,000 School of Medicine alumni, there may be a host anywhere you want to travel.

How do I sign up to utilize the Host program?

Fill out the HOST request form (above) to let us know when and where you will be traveling. The earlier you fill out your request, the more likely we are to find a host who can accommodate you. *Note: Please fill out a form for each trip where you would like to be connected with a host.

Do I contact the alumni host?

After you have submitted your request, we will do our best to find potential connections in your travel city. We will first connect on geographic area and if possible, also by specialty. Once a host connection is made, the alumni office will provide you with contact information and you are responsible for promptly contacting your host; sharing the details of your travel and interview plans; and arranging your stay. We ask that you contact them as we provide you with their information so they can plan accordingly. If plans change, be prompt in letting your host know.

How far in advance should I contact my host?

Contact your host as soon as we give you their contact information. If you are matched early, contact your host right away and once again when it gets closer to the date of your travel.

What if my plans change and I have to cancel?

We understand other interviews may arise, and/or you may decide to cancel an interview or a host visit. Please be respectful of the host’s time and schedule and let them know immediately if your plans have changed.

Do I need to do anything after my visit?

Yes, please follow-up with a thank you to your host.

Thank You!

Thank You!

Did you participate in the HOST program and have feedback? Let us know!

HOST Program Evaluation - for Alumni

HOST Program Evaluation - for Students/Trainees

Questions about the HOST program?

Contact Jennifer Turner.