SGT Bioinformatic Services

We conduct all of our bioinformatic services on our computational infrastructure and implement version-controlled and reproducible workflows. Costs of analyses include computation and limited-time storage. Each service includes a free consultation and a wrap-up meeting with one of our bioinformaticians (>$750 value!).


Complete and flexible analysis capable of investigating differential expression among multiple groups, time-points, and conditions. Service includes, gene-set enrichment analysis, heatmaps of differentially expressed genes, PCA plots, and a detailed report of your results QC. Analyses limited to 1 – 3 variables.

Typical Turnaround: 1 week

Whole genome, exome, or amplicon variant calling using GATK. Service includes annotating the impact of each variant with known population frequencies, coding consequences, and various risk-scores.

Typical Turnaround: 2-3 weeks

Mapping, processing, and QC of ATAC or ChIP-seq experiments. Includes identification of enriched loci, annotation of neighboring genes, and table of counts to be used in downstream analyses.

Typical Turnaround: 2-3 week 

Bisulfite-aware mapping, processing and QC of methly-seq data. Includes tables of CpG site enrichments and annotation of neighboring genes.

Typical turnaround: 2-3. weeks

Let us align and QC your data. You will get the alignments as BAM files and a detailed QC report.

Typical Turnaround: 1 week

Does your project not quite fit into one of the boxes above? We offer bespoke analyses, data visualization, and longer-term support at an hourly rate or as percent FTE