The Duke University School of Medicine has a strong tradition of genomic discoveries. The Precision Genomics Collaboratory brings together all of the units in Duke focused on genomics research to create a multi-disciplinary community able to tackle challenges in the ever-evolving genomics landscape.

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Study design for the genome-wide association study (GWAS) and genomic analysis of intervention dropout in the STRRIDE exercise intervention studies. Exercise post-exercise training; GEx gene expression; GTEx genotype-tissue expression; SkM skeletal muscle.

Genome-Wide Genetic Analysis of Dropout in a Controlled Exercise Intervention in Sedentary Adults With Overweight or Obesity and Cardiometabolic Disease

William Kraus, Beth Hauser, Kim Huffman, and team analyzed genetic variants associated with dropout from an exercise training intervention and found that exercise intervention dropout is genetically moderated through changes in gene expression and metabolic pathways in muscle. This means that individual genetic traits may allow researchers to develop a biomarker-based targeted approach to identify individuals who may benefit from more intensive counseling and interventions.

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Rita Allen Foundation

Rita Allen Foundation Scholars Award (for Cancer, Immunology and Neuroscience Young Investigators)

The Scholars Program supports research scientists in the early stages of their careers. Fields of research are cancer, immunology and neuroscience. Rita Allen Foundation Scholars are distinguished by their bold approaches to basic scientific questions that address problems of global concern, as well as their potential for learning, leadership and collaboration. Awards are up to $550,000 over 5 years. Deadline: August 4

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