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DukeMed Alumni News, Spring 2024

Alumni Celebrate: 2017 MAW Weekend

Last November, 240 Duke University School of Medicine alumni, along with more than 260 family members, arrived in Durham for the annual Medical Alumni Weekend.  Attendees traveled from as far away as Costa Rica to reconnect with friends, marvel at the changes unfolding on Duke’s campus and in Durham, and dive headlong into an event-filled weekend celebrating their connection to the school and to each other. And, as part of their celebration, they gave. The reunion classes demonstrated tremendous generosity, giving more than $4 million to support Duke Medicine. 

2017 Distinguished Alumnus Awardee - David Ginsburg, MD’78

A physician scientist in the field of genetics and hematology, David Ginsburg has contributed substantially to advancing the understanding, diagnosis, and care of inherited and acquired coagulation disorders. His contributions have improved the understanding of the molecular basis of inherited bleeding and thrombotic disorders, genetic modifiers of bleeding and thrombotic risk, and the structure and function of blood coagulation factors and the regulation of hemostatic balance.

2017 Distinguished Alumna Awardee - Diane Havlir, MD’84

Diane Havlir is a pioneering leader in the fight against HIV/AIDS. She has developed groundbreaking studies of early treatments, including highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) to overcome HIV’s ability to mutate and become resistant to individual drugs. She is a leader in a research field that has transformed HIV from a fatal disease to one that can be managed as a chronic illness.

2017 Distinguished Alumnus Awardee - Allan D. Kirk, MD’87, PhD’92, HS’87-’95

Allan Kirk is about as thoroughly steeped in Duke Blue as it is possible to be: the son of a Duke-trained biologist, he earned both his MD and PhD at Duke, did his residency in surgery at Duke (serving as chief resident), and eventually joined the faculty at Duke. He even married a Duke nurse, and his children were born at Duke. In all his roles at Duke, he has demonstrated the leadership, scientific and medical excellence, and vision that exemplify the institution’s traditions and goals.

Duke/Duke Med Alum wins Lasker Award

William G. Kaelin, Jr., has been named a recipient of the 2016 Albert Lasker Basic Medical Research Award. The Lasker Awards are widely considered among the highest scientific honors and recognize the most outstanding and seminal contributions to biomedical science. Dr. Kaelin received his undergraduate degree from Duke University and his MD from Duke University Medical School.

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