If you are interested in pursuing an MD/PhD and would like to talk with a Duke MSTP student who graduated from your college, you can make contact with these students by searching for your college in the list below.


Boston University
2020 Messerschmidt, Jonathan jonathan.messerschmidt@duke.edu GS1

Brandeis University
2017 Nguyen, Anthony anthony.nguyen@duke.edu MS4

Brown University
2019 Gerlus, Nimesha nimesha.gerlus@duke.edu GS2

Case Western Reserve University
2012 Darlington, Timothy timothy.darlington@duke.edu MS4

Columbia University
2015 Castellano, Steven steven.castellano@duke.edu LOA/Oxford
2018 Dale, Jahrane jahrane.dale@duke.edu GS3
2016 Diaz, Carolyn carolyn.diaz@duke.edu GS5
2016 Gibson, Rebecca rebecca.a.gibson@duke.edu GS5
2016 Jin, Felix felix.jin@duke.edu GS5

Cornell University
2022 Labib, David david.labib@duke.edu MS1

Davidson College
2018 Eriksson, Shannon shannon.eriksson@duke.edu GS5
2016 Himes, Jonathon jonathon.himes@duke.edu GS5
2018 Su, Chang chang.su@duke.edu GS5

Duke University
2017 Bassil, Christopher christopher.bassil@duke.edu GS6
2017 De Albuquerque, Daniela daniela.de.albuquerque@duke.edu GS4
2018 DiPalma, Devon devon.dipalma@duke.edu GS3
2016 Eiger, Dylan dylan.eiger@duke.edu MS4
2016 Huang, Ouwen ouwen.huang@duke.edu GS5
2019 Jeffs, Sydney sydney.jeffs@duke.edu GS2
2022 Karpurapu, Anish anish.karpurapu@duke.edu MS1
2016 Kirchner, Stephen stephen.kirchner@duke.edu GS5
2020 Shi, Harvey harvey.shi@duke.edu GS1
2019 Tracey, Skye skye.tracey@duke.edu GS2

Emory University
2022 Lai, Austin austin.lai@duke.edu MS1

Georgetown University
2021 Mulcahey, Patrick patrick.mulcahey@duke.edu MS2

Georgia Southern University
2021 Williams, Ashley ashley.williams080@duke.edu MS2

Grinnell College
2018 Bidzimou, Minu-Tsheyto minutshyeto.bidzimou@duke.edu GS3

Harvard University
2017 Behrer, Christopher christopher.behrer@duke.edu GS4
2016 Bose, Shree shree.bose@duke.edu GS4
2014 Dockterman, Jacob jacob.dockterman@duke.edu MS4
2018 Scherba, Jacob jacob.scherba@duke.edu GS3
2019 Sejourne, Gabrielle gabrielle.sejourne@duke.edu GS2

Johns Hopkins University
2019 Alway, Emily emily.alway@duke.edu GS2
2020 Mohan, Aditya aditya.mohan@duke.edu GS1
2021 O'Sullivan, Aine aine.osullivan@duke.edu MS2
2020 Parker, Lauren lauren.parker@duke.edu GS1
2021 Udupa, Sunag sunag.udupa@duke.edu MS2

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2016 Juras, Patrick patrick.juras@duke.edu MS4
2015 Petrone, Brianna brianna.petrone@duke.edu GS6
2019 Stilwell, Laura laura.stilwell@duke.edu GS4

Middlebury College
2020 Weber, Margaret margaret.c.weber@duke.edu GS1

Miami University, Oxford OH
2015 Cerda-Smith, Christian christian.cerda.smith@duke.edu GS6

Missouri Southern State University
2019 Benton, Jake jacob.benton@duke.edu GS4

New York University
2019 Patino, Alejandra alejandra.patino@duke.edu GS2

North Carolina State University
2019 Rao, Vishwas vishwas.rao@duke.edu GS2

Pomona College
2018 Zorawski, Marek marek.zorawski@duke.edu GS3

Princeton University
2016 Olson, Lyra lyra.olson@duke.edu LOA
2019 Finlay, John (Jack) john.finlay@duke.edu GS2

Rutgers University
2014 Konkimalla, Arvind arvind.konkimalla@duke.edu MS4
2018 Morash, Margaret margaret.morash@duke.edu GS3

Syracuse University
2019 Aiduk, Michael michael.aiduk@duke.edu GS2

The University of Utah
2021 Cano, Reuben reubenryan.cano@duke.edu MS2
2021 Stringham, Christopher christopher.stringham@duke.edu MS2

Tufts University
2020 Blackmer, Jane jane.blackmer@duke.edu GS1

Tulane University
2016 Semmes, Eleanor eleanor.semmes@duke.edu MS4

University of Arizona
2018 Chew, Lindsey lindsey.chew@duke.edu GS3

University of California - San Diego
2020 Burner, Danielle danielle.burner@duke.edu GS1
2022 Lawrence, Elijah elijah.lawrence@duke.edu MS1

University of Chicago
2017 Delaney, Christopher christopher.delaney@duke.edu GS4

University of Georgia
2017 Wachsmuth, Lucas lucas.wachsmuth@duke.edu GS4
2019 Dalapati, Trisha trisha.dalapati@duke.edu GS2

University of Iowa
2018 Anderson, Preston preston.anderson@duke.edu GS3
2021 Larson, Travis travis.larson@duke.edu MS2

University of Maryland, Baltimore County
2014 Hughes, Dalton dalton.hughes@duke.edu GS7
2017 Maduka, Austin austin.makuka@duke.edu GS4
2017 Seas, Andreas andreas.seas@duke.edu GS4

University of Maryland, College Park
2015 Liu, Winston winston.liu@duke.edu GS6
2016 Weng, Peter peter.weng@duke.edu GS5

University of Nevada-Las Vegas
2019 Killarney, Shane shane.killarney@duke.edu GS4

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
2022 Lim, Lauren lauren.lim@duke.edu MS1

University of North Carolina at Charlotte
2018 Raj, Jude jude.raj@duke.edu GS3

University of the Pacific
2018 Herche, Jesse jesse.herche@duke.edu GS3

University of Pennsylvania
2022 Tu, Violet violet.tu@duke.edu MS1

University of Wisconsin - Madison
2021 Heo, Helen helen.heo@duke.edu MS2

Vanderbilt University
2018 Beaman, Mary Makenzie mary.beaman@duke.edu  GS3

Washington and Lee University
2018 Rosenthal, Danielle danielle.rosenthal@duke.edu GS3

Washington University in St Louis
2013 Kelly, Megan megan.kelly@duke.edu MS4

Williams College
2017 Borre, Ethan ethan.borre@duke.edu MS4

Xavier University
2022 D'anniballe, Vincent vincent.danniballe@duke.edu MS1

Yale University
2021 Oxendine, Seneca seneca.oxendine@duke.edu MS2
2020 Putman, Rachael rachael.putman@duke.edu GS1