MSTP Admissions Timeline

April 2024 Confer with pre-med advisor
May - September Take the MCAT
June - October 15, 2024 Complete AMCAS application
July - November 15, 2024 Complete Duke supplementary application
November 15, 2024 Deadline for submission of Duke MSTP application - ALL materials, including letters must be submitted by 11:50 PM EST
End of December Last Duke MSTP virtual interview invitations issues
September 2024 - early February 2025 Virtual interviews with Duke
Mid-February Letters from Duke MSTP announcing admissions decisions
Mid-Late February 2025 Letter from Duke University School of Medicine announcing MD decisions
March 2025 Second-Look weekend at Duke
February 21, 2025 "Plan to Enroll" becomes available for accepted applicants to select in the Choose Your Medical School tool, located within the AMCAS application (note: only applicants who receive an acceptance offer from a participating school will be able to see and use the tool).*
May 1, 2025 Adhering to AMCAS guidelines you must Plan to Enroll only at Duke University School of Medicine and withdraw offers from all other MD, PCLT, and/or MSTP (MD/PhD) programs. As of that date, AAMC Traffic Rules allow you to hold an active offer from only one (1) MD or MSTP Program. There is no limit to alternate list offers.*

*These dates can change if AMCAS makes any updates to the traffic rules/guidelines