Friday Seminar Series Schedule

August 4th, 2023: 52nd Annual Duke School of Medicine Student Research Symposium (Formerly AOA Day)
August 11th, 2023: Welcome Lunch for all students to meet MS1s
August 18th, 2023: Faculty Talk - Alexandra Bey, MD, PhD
August 25th, 2023: Faculty interview lunch with MS1s (MS1s only)

September 1st, 2023: No Seminar - holiday weekend
September 8th, 2023: Retreat
September 15th, 2023: Retreat Recap
September 22nd, 2023: Student Talk - Michael Aiduk
September 29th, 2023: Student Talk - Trisha Dalapati

October 6th, 2023: Faculty Talk - Lee Zou, PhD
October 13th, 2023: Student Talk - Emily Alway
October 20th, 2023: Student Talk - Jack Finlay
October 27th, 2023: Student Talk - Nimesha Gerlus

November 3rd, 2023: JEDAI/Student Council Meeting
November 10th, 2023: Student Talk - Sydney Jeffs
November 17th, 2023: Grad School Fair
November 24th, 2023: No Seminar - Thanksgiving

December 1st, 2023: Student Talk - Gabrielle Sejourne
December 8th, 2023: Student Talk - Vishwas Rao
December 15th, 2023: Student Talk - Alejandra Patino
December 22nd, 2023: No Seminar - Winter Break
December 29th, 2023: No Seminar - Winter Break

January 5th, 2024: Faculty Talk - Trudy Oliver, PhD
January 12th, 2024: Faculty Talk - Rana Gupta, PhD
January 19th, 2024: Student Talk - Skye Tracey
January 26th, 2024: Faculty Talk - Li Lan, MD, PhD

February 2nd, 2024: JEDAI/Student Council Meeting
February 9th, 2024: Faculty Talk - Dr. Evan Calabrese, Assistant Professor Radiology, Neuroradiology & Dr. Pranam Chatterjee, Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering
February 16th, 2024: F30 Session - Dr. Chris Kontos
February 23rd, 2024: Student Council, postcards for accepted applicants - Trisha Dalapati & Skye Tracey

March 1st, 2024: House Meetings - Dr. Christopher Holley, Dr. Kevin Southerland, Dr. Giselle Lopez, Dr. Mai El-Mallah
March 8th, 2024: Faculty Talk - Dr. Zachary Reitman, Assistant Professor of Radiation Oncology & Dr. Chang-Lung Lee, Assistant Professor of Radiation Oncology
March 15th, 2024: No Seminar - Match Day
March 22nd, 2024: No Seminar - MD1 Spring Break
March 29th, 2024: Applying for Research-Oriented Residencies - Dr. Xunrong Luo, Dr. Chris Holley

April 5th, 2024: No Lunch - Second Look Weekend
April 12th, 2024: Surgeon-Scientist Panel - Dr. Neill Li, Dr. Sarah Kim, Dr. Daniel Joh, Dr. Dave Brown
April 19th, 2024: Vertical Alignment Activities - Skye Tracey & Trisha Dalapati
April 26th, 2024: Yoga with Nimesha Gerlus

May 3rd, 2024: No Lunch
May 10th, 2024: Alumni Panel on Career Paths - Dr. Arwen Declan, Dr. John McManigle, Dr. Christie Eyler, Dr. Giselle Lopez, Dr. Alex Bey
May 17th, 2024: Neuroimmunology Panel - Dr. Danny Saban, Dr. Tony Filiano, Dr. Staci Bilbo, Dr. Saskia Hemmers
May 24th, 2024: No Lunch - Holiday Weekend
May 31st, 2024: Guest Speaker - Dr. Tariq Haddad

June 7th, 2024: Continued discussion from previous week
June 14th, 2024: How to Select a Journal - Dr. Jillian Hurst, PhD
June 21st, 2024: Faculty Talk - Dr. Kristen Batich, MD, PhD
June 28th, 2024: