Financial Aid - MSTP

All students admitted to the MST Program receive a full fellowship award: tuition; fees; health insurance; and a stipend to cover living expenses. The annual award for first-year MD students for 2022-2023 totals $104,244. The stipend is $30,800 for eleven months, and the fees/tuition/health insurance award is $73,444.

These awards increase slightly each year to keep pace with increases in the cost of living and tuition/fees.

The program provides fellowship funds at this level for all medical school years and the early portion of the PhD study. The student’s PhD mentor provides similar financial support for the student in the upper-level PhD years.

Compared to the cost of living in the locales of most of the program's peer institutions, the cost of living in Durham is relatively low; Duke MSTP students typically find that a $33,550 annual stipend in Durham provides an attractive student life style. Many students find that the student stipend is sufficient to purchase either houses or condominiums in the area.