Fellowships & Awards

The Graduate School maintains a database of fellowship opportunities for incoming and current PhD students. The list includes fellowships administered by The Graduate School and School of Medicine, as well as funding opportunities from elsewhere at Duke and from external funding sources. 

The Office of Biomedical Graduate Education (OBGE) manages the following fellowship opportunities and awards for incoming and current PhD students in the School of Medicine:

The Chancellor’s Scholarship is awarded to incoming biomedical PhD students in the School of Medicine. Each year applicants are nominated by their programs and vetted by a faculty committee. International student awardees are supported for their first two years of graduate school with a stipend, tuition remission, fees, and health insurance. They also receive a one-time signing bonus of $5,000 at the start of their first year. A one-time signing bonus of $5,000 is also given to top domestic student awardees designated as Chancellor’s Scholars to supplement their institutional stipend from the Graduate School or from NIH training grants. Past recipients of Chancellor's Scholarships can be viewed here.

The Office of Biomedical Graduate Education (OBGE) works to recognize current biomedical PhD students in the School of Medicine who have been unusually successful in the research mission. To that end, and with Chancellor Washington’s enthusiastic support, a Chancellor’s Award for Research Excellence (CARE) was created in Fall 2018. The Chancellor's Award for Research Excellence is targeted to senior students who have excelled in the basic research endeavor, evidenced by an exceptional publication record and/or a substantial impact on the research trajectory of the lab. The CARE is highly selective. Nominations are submitted by a student's faculty advisor and no more than four awards are conferred in any given year. This award comes with an engraved memento and a cash award of $1,500. Read more about recipients of The Chancellor's Award for Research Excellence.

Request for Proposals

The Office of Biomedical Graduate Education (OBGE) is pleased to announce a request for proposals for the OBGE Professional Development Award. Awards are designed to support biomedical PhD trainee professional development by providing reimbursement for activities that directly enhance the recipient’s professional growth. Such activities include, but are not limited to, conference registration and travel and workshop attendance.  

Awards are open to full-time biomedical PhD students in any of the School of Medicine and Interdisciplinary PhD programs. To be considered, applicants must have successfully completed the preliminary exam prior to submitting an application. Each recipient will receive an award of up to $1000.  

Current Award Cycle: July 1, 2020 - June 30, 2021


  1. Applicants must be full-time biomedical PhD students in any of the School of Medicine and Interdisciplinary PhD programs.  
  2. Applicants must have successfully completed preliminary exams to be considered.
  3. Applicants are eligible to receive one Professional Development Award during their PhD training experience.
  4. Eligible biomedical PhD students may submit only one application per award cycle.  
  5. Awards cannot be used for computers or other personal electronic devices.
  6. All award funds must be expended between July 1, 2020 and June 30, 2021.
  7. Awards will not be applied retroactively, such as for travel completed prior to date of application.
  8. Funds will be reimbursed once the entire sum has been expended.  All original receipts, records, and similar financial documentation must be submitted to OBGE.  If appropriate documentation is not provided, the award will be rescinded.  This award is a reimbursement, not a cash bonus given to awardees. 
  9. Recipient must be enrolled as a PhD student at time of reimbursement.
  10. Funds must be expended as outlined in the application and budget.  Because award decisions are based upon the original application, the award may not be used for any purpose other than that originally proposed. If the recipient is not accepted to a competitive workshop, or decides s/he would prefer to attend a different conference, receives additional funds that cover the cost, or otherwise changes his/her plans due to personal or professional reasons, the award will be rescinded.  

Application requirements:

  1. One-page cover letter (see requirements below). 
  2. Resume or CV (3 pages maximum)
  3. Detailed budget proposal including any expenses covered by the award.

Cover letter requirements:

  1. A brief description of the applicant’s research topic and its significance.

  2. A description of the applicant’s career goals with a description of how this award will help applicant achieve those goals.

  3. A proposed use for the award funds.

  4. If the application is for a conference, applicant must provide the conference name, location and dates (including conference URL if available); and what s/he will be presenting.  

Application materials must be submitted as a single PDF document to: OBGE@duke.edu