Student Record Requests Under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act

Students wishing to review their records should complete the appropriate form request below.

Form to request records for programs within the School of Medicine.

  • Form to Request Admission Record
  • Form to request other records.

The School of Medicine Registrar Office (SMRO) coordinates the review of records for all requests, with exceptions noted below.

Exceptions to SMRO coordinating a review of records.

  • Request for Undergraduate and Graduate Programs Administered by Duke University Registrar Office, should be forwarded to the University Registrar Office.
  • Request for law school applications for admission should be forwarded to the School of Law records office.

Requests from attorneys on behalf of the student will not be completed. Upon receipt of an attorney request, the student will be notified to complete the appropriate request.

Parents wishing information in their students’ education records, should be encouraged to have their child set-up Guest Access. Guest Access is a feature in ACES that is optional and allows students to assign access to certain parts of the academic, financial aid, bursar, or insurance information to any guest desired. Students control which information each of their guests can see. Information is available on the SISS Web page. Guest Access does NOT imply a permission to release information via another means.

FERPA rights end upon a student’s death and the decision to release the transcript of a deceased student becomes a matter of institutional policy and discretion.

The transcript of a deceased student may be released to a spouse, parent, the executor of the estate, a surviving child, or pursuant to a court order or subpoena.

All requests for copies of the transcript of a deceased student must be made in writing, addressed to the registrar, and include the following student information:

  1. Student’s name while enrolled (and former name, if applicable);
  2. Student’s date of birth;
  3. Approximate dates of enrollment;
  4. Death certificate or obituary notice.

The requestor must also provide the following personal information with the written request:

  1. Name;
  2. Mailing address;
  3. Phone number;
  4. Relationship of the requestor to the deceased;
  5. Reason for the request;
  6. Signature;
  7. Date of request.

If additional records are requested, i.e. student conduct records, additional academic records, etc., the requestor must specifically state this. The same information should accompany a request for this information as for a transcript.

A subpoena is a court order for the production and delivery of records to a court. Compliance with a subpoena is an exception under FERPA.

All subpoena requests should be directed to Legal Counsel for direction and response.