Message from the Director

Ed Hammond


It is an exciting time for Health Informatics, the opportunity to make a difference in the use of information technology for health and health care has never been greater. Duke has a rich tradition in informatics. With the national and international focus on HIT at an all-time high, we invite you to join us. The Duke Center for Health Informatics brings together, at Duke, a number of schools, departments, individuals, and interests to provide an opportunity for true multiple-disciplinary training and experience in the field of health informatics.  Interoperability requires the engagement of many disciplines and stakeholders. The opportunity to bring together medicine, nursing, business, economics, biomedical engineering, computer science, biometry, public policy and other areas provides an environment for understanding and experiencing the many components that must come together for effective and appropriate use of technology. 


Duke’s engagement with the broader community provides the opportunity to experience health care in many settings – inpatient, ambulatory, primary, secondary, community, and regional. The program at Duke provides both theory and application. Define the problem, design the solution, prototype the system and evaluate the results. The DCHI provides for engagement in real systems. The multiple-disciplinary setting provides an opportunity to tailor your educational program to meet your needs – whether you are interested in a certificate program, a master’s degree, or a doctorate degree program. Innovation and addressing future requirements are stressed. A focus on multiple uses and reuse of data brings together patient care, research, quality evaluation, population and personal health.

W. Ed Hammond, PhD
Director, Duke Center for Health Informatics


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