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Veterans on fitness bikes

Katherine Hall remembers the moment she first knew she wanted to spend her career working with older veterans.

She had recently arrived in Durham to begin a postdoctoral fellowship at the Durham VA Medical Center after earning a PhD in kinesiology with a specialization in exercise...Read Full Story

Outside of Bugando Medical Centre

The patient, a four-year-old girl, came to the Cambodian clinic with a painful mass in her abdomen. Kristin Schroeder, MD, MPH, then a resident at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, was part of the medical team that diagnosed her: Wilm’s tumor, a type of kidney tumor that is...Read Full Story

Doctor holding a sign that says 'burnout'
Celia Reynolds, Duke University medical student

On Duke University’s medical campus, the Great Hall in the Trent Semans Center for Health Education is unusually still as a man walks solemnly to a chair seated on the stage. A palpable silence lingers heavy in the air as the speaker sits to face...Read Full Story

Lewy body

What is a gastroenterologist doing studying Parkinson’s Disease?

This is a question that Rodger Liddle , MD, a professor in the Department of Medicine in the School of Medicine, gets a lot. The answer involves a superhighway, a conversation with a Nobel Laureate, and a plastic foot....Read Full Story