SoM Magnify

This article first appeared in the DukeMed Alumni News Spring 2020 issue .

It’s an early November morning and third-year Duke medical students Amanda Farrell, MSIII, and Thao Nguyen, AB’16, MSIII, are walking through the massive, muddy, and malodorous Ha Vi live bird market near Hanoi,...Read Full Story

Duke’s Design Health program gives interdisciplinary student teams (like the one pictured above) a new opportunity to create medical solutions

Before and after every surgery, operating room (OR) nurses must complete a count. This involves tallying up every tool in the OR, including...Read Full Story

Doctors in Duke Health Intensive Care Unit

Duke University School of Medicine faculty sprang to action to develop a course in world pandemics for medical students in light of COVID-19.

Alison Clay , MD, still remembers the room number—thirteen— of the first potential SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) patient she cared...Read Full Story

Portraits of six doctors at Duke working on covid-19

In the race to understand the new coronavirus and generate solutions, Duke research teams are well underway.

In fact, you could say they’ve been working on it for decades. Everything Duke experts have learned over the years about the spread of new diseases, the biology of viruses, and...Read Full Story