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Charles Riggan and clinical trial nurse coordinator Quinna Lawson chat in the hospital

Charles Riggan, 68, (pictured above with clinical trial nurse coordinator Quinna Lawson) is well-known on the clinic floor for the Werther’s Original caramels he passes out during almost-weekly visits to Duke Cancer Center.

Though he doesn’t eat them — he’s diabetic — Charles said the...Read Full Story

baby with app

When Grayson Kollins was two and a half years old—just shortly after the birth of his younger sister—his parents noticed that he had all but stopped uttering the sentences and phrases that up until then he had been using to communicate. In addition, his daycare provider mentioned that Grayson...Read Full Story

Alexandra Angelova outside with walker

Alexandra Angelova was 16 when she began experiencing blurry vision and occasional dizzy spells. Instead of going away, her symptoms gradually grew worse. Now nearly a decade later, with her vision at one percent of its original strength and with balance problems that prevent standing or walking...Read Full Story

Doctors in Honduras review Xrays

This article first appeared in DukeMed Alumni News .

Imagine a doctor saying you need surgery to replace a heart valve, and if you don’t get it you will die from heart failure within two years.

If you live in Honduras, once you get that diagnosis at a public hospital, the doctor...Read Full Story