SoM Magnify

Maya Torain first stepped onto the Duke campus as a medical school student two years ago, but she was no stranger to Durham. As a child, the Baltimore, Maryland, native spent her summers in Durham visiting her father’s family. Years later, even though she was attending medical school right in...Read Full Story

Welcome to the Revolution.

First came steam power, then electric power, and then the information age. Now, according to the World Economic Forum, we’re entering the Fourth Industrial Revolution, as the sciences converge around digitized information and data in ways that disrupt nearly...Read Full Story

In almost every scientific paper that describes proteins you’ll find Duke biochemist Jane Richardson’s handiwork. The images, commonly referred to as “ribbon diagrams,” are basic to the language of protein science. Ranging in likeness from a flapping kite tail to a tight coil of crimped gift...Read Full Story

Shree Bose lifting baby from bassinet

The first time Shree Bose saw a live, beating human heart, it took her breath away.

She was on a surgery rotation, one of the clinical rotations that Duke medical students complete during their second year. Just a short while earlier, the patient had spoken with the medical team,...Read Full Story