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As researchers around the world race to build a vaccine that can protect people from COVID-19, many of the frontrunners entering the final stretch—including those developed by biotechnology companies Moderna and BioNtech—are RNA-based vaccines.

RNA is the molecule that serves as a...Read Full Story

When you don’t want to miss a thing

Janie Colvin of Fairfax, Virginia, had never had surgery, except for a C-section with her second child. So when the 63-year-old was facing spine surgery, the thought of going under general anesthesia made her uncomfortable in a way that was hard to...Read Full Story

Charity Oyedeji , MD, has been living with sickle cell disease her whole life—she doesn’t have the condition herself, but many in her family do. Her brother died of the disease in infancy, and a cousin with whom she was close died at age 19. As a high school student in Houston, Oyedeji spent...Read Full Story

Duke researchers aim to detect coronavirus infections early in CovIdentify study

News of the first U.S. coronavirus case hit the American public on Tuesday, Jan. 21. For Jessilyn Dunn, PhD, assistant professor in the Departments of Biomedical Engineering and Biostatistics and...Read Full Story