SoM Magnify

This article first appeared in Duke Magazine . All photography by Alex Boerner.

When a Duke-led research team won a $300 million federal grant to help develop an AIDS vaccine in 2005, the global situation was looking grim.

Even as the epidemic largely disappeared from American...Read Full Story

Radishes and other vegetables

It is a typical Friday at the Duke Outpatient Clinic on Roxboro Street. Sunshine gleams off of the red brick building, and the faint buzz of afternoon traffic can be heard nearby. Patients arrive steadily, for a weekly scheduled education session known as “Root Causes,” founded and implemented...Read Full Story

Nimmi Ramanijam

The night before she was scheduled to speak to more than a hundred Duke students, colleagues and at least one Nobel laureate, Nirmala ‘Nimmi’ Ramanujam got cold feet.

She had given countless talks before, many about the pocket colposcope, a device her team invented to bring life-saving...Read Full Story

Community has always been central in the life of Kimberly S. Johnson , MD, associate professor of medicine (Geriatrics) and director of the Duke Center for Research to Advance Healthcare Equity—also known as the REACH Equity Center.

Johnson grew up in tiny Winstonville, Mississippi, just...Read Full Story