Requirement for Posting and Dispositioning in Success Factors System for JF 27

RE:  Postdoctoral Fellows, Research Associates, Research Scientists, Research Scholars, Associates in Research, and Visiting Graduate Student Positions (aka JF27 Positions)

A new system Success Factors was implemented on June 17, 2019 for recruiting staff and JF 27 employees.  This new system replaced BrassRing.  All positions must be posted in Duke University’s Success Factors system for a minimum of 7 calendar days to ensure as many potential applicants as possible have an opportunity to apply.  Additionally, Duke University has regulatory obligations to:  1) solicit applicants for its positions, 2) provide an opportunity for applicants to self-identify their race, ethnicity, gender, veteran and disability status, and 3) document the selection processes. 

Each job description and posting must include the School of Medicine’s minimum requirements 

Any candidate who submits a resume and interest in working in the faculty member’s research program via email must submit an application to the online posting via the Duke Careers website.

As eligible applicants are identified, they become candidates and must be adhere to the Success Factor procedures.  If an offer is made and accepted all other candidates must be dispositioned in Success Factors.

Why is this important?  As a federal contractor, Duke University is required to capture, retain, and assess applicant-tracking information.  Dispositioning allows Duke University to monitor the selection process for purposes of accountability and required data analysis (e.g., adverse impact analysis).  Also, dispositioning allows for the review of institutional patterns for hiring decisions and the ability to implement best practices to ensure a compliant and equitable search process.

Exceptions to this new requirement will be extremely rare.  A few situations where a recruitment process waiver might be acceptable:  

  1. A potential candidate has skills so unique and specific to the hiring faculty member’s research that a search would not yield other candidates with those same required skills to be successful.  The request to waive the recruitment process must describe the candidate’s unique skill(s) and the hiring faculty member’s statement of professional judgment that no other candidates possess such skills.
  2. A potential candidate may present with his/her own stipend funding.  In such a case, the request to waive the recruitment process must include documentation of that funding.
  3. A Duke graduate student is finishing his/her work in a faculty member’s research program and needs less than 1 year to complete.  A request to waive the recruitment process must provide the hiring faculty member’s statement that the finishing student will need no more than 1 year to complete his/her work.  
  4. A non-competitive spousal hire where a potential candidate is the spouse of a faculty candidate identified through a national search who has expertise in a field sought by Duke University.

All requests to waive the recruitment process must be submitted to the School of Medicine APT Office for review and approval.  

Should you have any questions regarding this new requirement, please do not hesitate to contact your academic unit Human Resources Manager, the School of Medicine’s Office of Human Resources, APT, and Vice Dean, Finance, and/or the Duke University Office for Institutional Equity.