Faculty Flexible Work Arrangements

Flexible Work Arrangement for regular rank faculty may be requested up to three years for certain life events. For example: Phasing into retirement, personal health/medical, adult care, childcare.  Full University benefits are maintained during an approved Flexible Work Arrangement.

Chapter 4 Professional Affairs of the Faculty

Procedure for submission and approval of faculty Flexible Work Arrangement

  • Faculty member completes the Flexible Work arrangement request form
  • In the form under the Faculty Flexible Work Arrangement Details, A memorandum of understanding between the faculty member and the department chair, if applicable, or dean of the school shall be submitted with this request. This memo shall detail the agreed upon modification in duties, % of effort reduction (e.g. 100% to 75%) and salary.
  • If any portion of salary is supported by sponsored funds please check the appropriate block on the form. 
  • Flexible Work Arrangement form is signed by Faculty and Chair.
  • Department dFac user uploads the Flexible Work Arrangement form into the attachment section of the Flexible Work Arrangement dFac form. 
  • APT office obtains the approvals of the Dean. 
  • The APT office approves the dFac form.
  • The APT office notifies the faculty member, Chair and Department Manager of approval. 
  •  Department submits an “Out of Cycle & Anticipated Salary, Effort and/or Appointment % (SEA) Change Form" with letter to faculty member noting schedule adjustment in Flexible Work Arrangement form and associated Appointment Salary change.
  • Once approval is received, the department processes a rate and schedule iForm to adjust the salary and effort.