Expressions of Scholarship

The 2020 School of Medicine Appointments, Promotion and Tenure (APT) Tracks guidance is the culmination of an extensive effort to articulate a contemporary framework that supports the career aspirations of faculty. The guidance is intended to bring greater clarity to the question “what does Duke value?” – the depth and breadth of the scholarship that we want to reward, the expectation of wide-ranging influence reflecting our vision, the embracing of alternative (non-traditional) expressions of scholarship, and the prioritization of scholarship and impact as the key drivers of promotion.

In recognition of the far-ranging interests, talents, and pursuits of faculty supporting the Duke mission, various expressions of scholarship are valued in the promotion process. Specifically, the documents below describe expectations, requirements, and documentation to support the evaluation of productivity in the domains of advocacy, digital scholarship, equity diversity and inclusion, and team science. Additional content may be added in the future as concepts about non-traditional scholarship are further developed and refined.