Service Centers & Core Facilities A-Z

Service centers provide scientific services and instrument access on a fee-for-service basis. Service centers with an asterisk (*) may be found in CoreResearch@Duke. Facilities that may be of interest but are not service centers are noted as “other Duke resources.”

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*Accessioning Unit Core (DHVI) 

Advanced Light Imaging and Spectroscopy Facility (ALIS) (Physics)

*Analytics Center of Excellence (ACE) Service Center


*Behavioral Health and Survey Research Core (DCI)

Bioinformatics Shared Resource (DCI) (other Duke resources)

*Biomarkers Core Facility (DMPI)

*Biomolecular Interaction Analysis Core (DHVI)

*BioRepository & Precision Pathology Center (DCI/Pathology)

*BioSight Service Center and Repository (Ophthalmology)

Biostatistics, Epidemiology, and Research Design (BERD) Methods Core (CTSI/Biostats & Bioinformatics) (other Duke resources)

Biostatistics Shared Resource (DCI) (other Duke resources)

Bluesmith Professional 3D Printing Service

Brain Imaging and Analysis Center (BIAC)

*Brain Stimulation Research Center (Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences)

Bryan Brain Bank and Biorepository (ADRC/Neurology) (other Duke resources)


Carl E. Ravin Advanced Imaging Laboratory (other Duke resources)

*Center for Advanced Magnetic Resonance Development (Radiology)

*Center for Electron Microscopy and Nanoscale Tomography (Pathology)

*Center for In Vivo Microscopy (Radiology)

Clinical Core Facility (CFAR) (other Duke resources)

CTSI MURDOCK Study (other Duke resources)


*DCI Flow Cytometry Core (Immunobiology/DCI)

DLAR Breeding Core

DLAR Rederivation Core

DOCR Service Center/Research @Pickett (DOCR)

Duke Early Phase Research Unit (DEPRU) (DOCR)

DNA Analysis Facility (Immunobiology)

*Duke Cardiovascular Research Center (Cardiology)

Duke Clinical Research Institute Trial Services (DCRI) (other Duke resources)

* Duke HIV Database (Infectious Disease)

*Duke Immune Profiling Core (DIPC/DCI)

*Duke NMR Spectroscopy Center (Radiology)

*Duke Transgenic Mouse Core (DCI /DLAR)

*Duke Viral Vector Core (Neurobiology)


*Flow Cytometry Facility (DHVI)

*Functional Genomics Core Facility (MGM)


Gene Therapy Resource Core (coming soon)

*GMP Lab Facility (CTSI CT2 Program)

* Gnotobiotic Core (DLAR)


*Hemostasis & Thrombosis Center Core Lab (Hematology)  

*Human Performance Lab (K-Lab) (Orthopaedic Surgery)

*Human Physiology Testing Core (DMPI)


*Immunology Core Facility (CFAR)

*Immunology Virology Quality Assessment Core Laboratory (DHVI)


*Life Science Facility (Immunobiology)

*Light Microscopy Core Facility (Biology / DCI)


*Metabolomics Core (DMPI)

*Microbiome Core Facility (MGM)

*Molecular Genomics Core (DMPI)

*Mouse Behavioral and Neuroendocrine Core Facility (DLAR)


*OneDukebio Integrated biospecimen Network (ODIN)

*Optical Molecular Imaging and Analysis Service Center (DCI/Radiation Oncology)


*Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics (PK/PD) (DCI)

PhotoPath (Pathology) (other Duke resources)

*PopHealth DataShare (Population Health Sciences)

*Positron Imaging Research Lab (PIRL) (Radiology)

*Protected Analytics Computing Environment (PACE) Service Center (OASIS)

*Protein Production Facility (DHVI)

*Proteomics Core (DMPI)

Proteomics and Metabolomics Core Facility (SOM/DCI)


Quantitative Sciences Core (CFAR) (other Duke resources)


*RBL: Animal Support (DHVI)

*RBL: Containment Labs (DHVI)

*RBL: Immunology Service Center (DHVI)

*RBL: Microbiology Unit (DHVI)

*RBL: Virology Unit (DHVI)

*Regeneromics Service Center (DRC/Cell Biology)

*Research Animal Pathology Core (DLAR) (other Duke resources)

Research Informatics Service Center (DMPI) (other Duke resources)

*Rodent Inhalation Core (Pulmonary)


*Sequencing (DHVI)

Sequencing & Genomic Technologies Core (SOM/DCI)

*Shared Materials Instrumentation Facility (SMIF) (Engineering)

*Small Animal Irradiator Service Center (Radiation Oncology)

Small Molecule Synthesis Facility (Chemistry)

Social and Behavioral Sciences Core Facility (CFAR) (other Duke resources)

*Substrate Services Core & Research Support (SSCRSS) (Surgery)


*Translational PET/CT Molecular Imaging Center (Radiology)


*Xenon MRI Service Center (Radiology)


*Zebrafish Core (Cell Biology)