Collaboration Programs

SingHealth Academic Clinical Program (ACP) Study Visits

Visit activities include:

  • Sharing Duke academic program administrative and financial models
  • Reviewing Duke resident and fellow program teaching models in depth
  • Rounding on inpatient units to experience the bedside teaching model
  • Exploring opportunities for resident and fellow exchange
  • Sharing models for development of research talent
  • Identifying research collaboration partners

Faculty Mentoring Program

The AM-ETHOS Academic Mentor Development Fellowship provides an opportunity for the SingHealth Duke-NUS Academic Medical Centre (AMC) Academic Clinician Faculty to become an Academic Mentor Development Fellow – understudy to an experienced Senior Faculty Mentor as Academic Mentor from Duke Health, Durham, USA. The Initial 2 years of this program was a great success.

Duke-NUS Junior Faculty Participation in Duke Leadership Conference

Faculty selected by Duke-NUS annually participate in the Duke Leadership Conference. 

Annual Research Day

Travel Grants

The Duke-NUS Medical School Singapore (Duke-NUS) announce calls for applications from Duke faculty members interested in visiting Duke-NUS and or SingHealth to engage with Duke-NUS/SingHealth faculty, with the primary goal of exploring potential collaborative research projects. While ain Singapore, the faculty member will be expected to present a research seminar.  Initiatives are in the areas of Cancer and Stem Cell Biology, Neuroscience and Behavioral Disorders, Cardiovascular and Metabolic Disorders, Emerging Infectious Diseases, and Health Systems and Services Research as well as in the Clinical Sciences via Academic Clinical Programs recently established with SingHealth.

Basic Science Post Doc Exchange

The Post Doc Exchange Program is for PhD graduate students and postdoctoral fellows at Duke University School of Medicine and Duke-NUS Medical School Singapore (Duke-NUS) for a cross-institutional research exchange program. This program provides exciting opportunities to conduct research abroad, broaden research training and experience different research environments and cultures.

Fellow Exchange Program

The Fellow Exchange Program is designed to provide training opportunities for both SingHealth and Duke fellows.  The learning experience would focus on developing clinician scientists and advancing skills in clinical sub specialties.

Academic Engagement Programs (AEP)

Administrative Fellow Mentoring Program

The AM Administrator Fellowship, which is an Administrators Development program, funded by Duke-NUS, provides an opportunity for key Administrators from SingHealth Duke-NUS Academic Clinical Programmes (ACPs) and Joint Institutes to become outstanding Administrators through broader exposure and development opportunities by means of collaboration efforts with Duke Medicine, Durham, USA. We are currently continuing the program via remote venues.