Moments to Movement

The Duke University School of Medicine is committed to dismantling racism and to better understanding the root causes, harms, and strategies to reduce racial inequity. This commitment, part of Duke Health’s Moments to Movement (M2M), extends within our institutional walls, our surrounding community, and our nation. 

Moments to Movement Strategic Plan 

Moments to Movement illustration

In June 2021, the School of Medicine released its Moments to Movement strategic plan, “Dismantling Racism and Advancing Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in the School of Medicine.” This plan reflects the work of four constituent-based committees, with input from across the School of Medicine community and support from an oversight committee. 

Underlying these efforts is a vision of enduring change, whereby our efforts, actions, and decisions will create both the structural and cultural change required to advance our vision of a just, inclusive, equitable, and anti-racist School of Medicine. 

Our Priorities

Cultivate an inclusive, equitable and anti-racist environment;  Nurture, reward and attract outstanding talent;  Advance education and training to support an anti racist workforce;  Develop anti-racist, equity-centered and community engaged research practices;  Ensure sustainability by strengthening leadership capacity and organizational accountability
  • Cultivate an inclusive, equitable, and anti-racist environment
  • Nurture, reward, and attract outstanding talent
  • Advance education and training to support an anti-racist workforce
  • Develop anti-racist, equity-centered, and community-engaged research practices
  • Ensure sustainability by strengthening leadership capacity and organizational accountability


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M2M Update

School of Medicine Anti-Racism Strategic Plan Update, January 31, 2023 

A Letter on the COST for Black Faculty 

In January 2021, Black faculty members from across the School of Medicine wrote a joint letter to their colleagues detailing their experiences dealing with the effects of systemic racism and the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Read the Letter

Implementation Support 

Duke University community members involved in implementing the Moments to Movement strategic plan can access additional companion resources. These implementation support materials include summary findings shared with the oversight committee as well as reports created by the four constituent committees whose efforts facilitated the development of recommendations.

While not all recommendations in the reports are integrated in the strategic plan, the reports provide additional context to help inform the implementation of priorities identified in the plan.

Support materials include: ( Duke NetID login required) 

  • Reports created by the Moments to Movement Strategic Plan committees 
  • Other reports, including Duke University task force reports, data summaries, and toolkits from national organizations  

A Duke-Wide Commitment 

The Moments to Movement commitment to anti-racism extends across all Duke institutions, including Duke University and Duke Health, which comprises the Schools of Medicine and Nursing and the Health System and Private Diagnostic Clinic (PDC). Duke is united standing against racism in all its forms, making equitable choices to improve the health and wellness of all members of our community, and ensuring that Duke is welcoming and equitable for all. 

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