Alumni Council

Medical Alumni Council Members

The Medical Alumni Council (MAC) is the volunteer leadership group for the Medical Alumni Association. Its purpose is to advise and participate in developing/fostering positive relationships with medical alumni and future medical alumni and to assist with fundraising. The Council meets twice a year, in the spring and in the fall during Medical Alumni Weekend.

Current Roster



Janice A. Gault, BS’87, MD’91

Thomas G. Rainey, AB'70, MD’74, President-Elect

Vice President
Rowena Dolor Cuffe, AB’87, MD’91, HS’91-’95, MHS'98

James Urbaniak, MD’62, HS’62-‘69

Immediate Past President
Oren Cohen, MD'87

Davison Club President
William Andrews, AB'76, MD’80, HS’82-’86



Terms Expire 2022
Jeb Hallett, MD’73
Betsy Harden, MD’78, HS’81-’84
Genie Kleinerman, MD’75, HS’74-’75
Blake Long, AB’82, MD’86, HS’92-’95, MBA’15
Demetry Papadopoulos, MD’76
Claire Spain-Remy, MD’85
Col. Dean Taylor, MD’85, HS’87-’91
Shaheen Wirk, BS’98, MD’03, MBA’03

Terms Expire 2023
Sharon Castellino, MD’92, HS’94-’97
Mitch Cohen, AB’70, MD’74
Joe LeBauer, AB'57, MD’60, HS’60-’61, HS’64-’65
Claude T. Moorman, MD, AB’83, HS’87-’93
Ashok Reddy, BS’88, MD’92
Jane Trinh, MD’02, HS’02-‘06
YiDing Yu, MD’12

Terms Expire 2024
Jon Langford, MD, AB'84, HS'89-'94
Chuck Lucore, MD'83
Ann Miller, AB'79, MD'85
David McSwain, BS’97, HS’06-’09, MPH
Navid Pourtaheri, MS’08, MD’12, PhD’13
Archana Pradhan, MD’96, MPH
Edward Treadwell, MD'76

Special Representatives


Faculty Liaisons
Saumil Chudgar, MD’05, HS’08
Robert P. Drucker, MD’79, HS’83-’87

Half Century Society
Ed T. Preston, Jr., AB'57, MD'60, HS'60-'62

Rep. to Duke Alumni Assoc. Board
Nicholas J. Leonardy, AB’81, MD’85

Rep. to Duke Medicine Board of Visitors
Kathy Upchurch, MD’76

House Staff Representatives
Brian Gilmore, MD'14, HS-Current
Alison Vasan, MD'16, HS-Current

Student Representatives
Jackie Dillon, MS IV
Hailey Harris, MD III

Davison Council President
Onyi Ohamadike, MS IV