Join us January 22, 2020 for the 3rd Annual Duke School of Medicine Physician-Scientist Symposium and Andrews Lecture

The half-day event will feature short talks and poster presentations by all levels of physician-scientist trainees and junior faculty; a presentation on the physician-scientist workforce by Kay Lund, PhD, Director, Division of Biomedical Research Workforce at NIH; and a keynote address by Elizabeth McNally, MD, PhD, Elizabeth Ward Professor, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine.  REGISTER HERE

Poster Submission Guidelines

  • One abstract per presenting author.
  • Presenting author must be underlined on the abstract.
  • NO hyperlinks, comments, text or image boxes in the abstract.
  • Paragraph breaks between title, author & institute, abstract body, references and funding.
  • 2500-character count limit, including spaces, title, authors, affiliations, references and funding (see example below)
  • Abstract title only in BOLD font.  No other bold characters in the body of the abstract.
  • Title cannot be in all caps.
  • For Greek and Scientific Symbols (alpha, beta, gamma, etc.), use the Symbol option under the Insert tab in Microsoft Word (or equivalent option in other applications).
  • Word documents only, saved in .rtf format
  • To signify the Corresponding Author, use asterisk symbol *

All abstracts are reviewed by the symposium organizers and acceptance is based on scientific content and relevance to the symposium.

Submission Deadline:  December 16, 2019

Submit Here


Abstract Title

Submitting Author must be underlined1,3, Co-Author1,2, Co Author2, Co-Author1*

1Institute or Organization; 2Institute or Organization; 3Institute or Organization

*Corresponding author

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References (optional)

Funding source (optional)

The Office of Physician-Scientist Development (OPSD) in the Duke University School of Medicine assists trainees across the career spectrum (medical students, residents and fellows, and junior faculty) by providing information and programming on career development activities such as grant writing, mentoring, leadership development, and funding opportunities. Our office also coordinates physician-scientist training efforts across departments, centers, institutes, and related offices within School of Medicine.




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