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Disbursement of Financial Aid & Paying Your Bill

Prior to each academic term, you will receive an electronic Student Account Statement (bill) from Duke University's Office of Student Financial Services. This bill lists all term-based charges (ex: tuition, fees, health insurance). Your financial aid package will appear on your bill as "anticipated aid". When you have satisfied all requirements for the disbursement of financial aid, your "anticipated aid" will be applied to your account. If funds from your financial aid exceed the total charges, Student Financial Services will mail or direct deposit your refund. Students who opt for the On-line Student Direct Deposit feature are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of the routing and banking account number to avoid delays in receiving their funds. For more information and instructions about setting up On-line Student Direct Deposits, visit the Bursar website. If your financial aid funds are less than the total charges, you are required to pay the remaining amount s

Financial Literacy

AAMC Financial Literacy 101

To aid you in learning good budgeting, spending, and debt management habits, we would like to point you to the Financial Aid Tool Kit on the AAMC/First website (link Below).  The goal of the Financial Aid Toolkit is to provide you with a customized financial literacy and debt management program.  You choose topics that you pertinent to your interest.  You can customize your results and even choose the types of resources you prefer.  With Advanced search options, you can choose as little or as much information as your want-whatever meets your needs.

Financial Literacy 101 (AAMC\First)

Budgeting Tips and Ideas

Preparing a Budget

We encourage all students to take the time to review all of the modules, information sheets, and calculators available.  Taking the necessary steps now to educate yourself will pay-off down the road.

Upcoming Webinars offered through AAMC

September 11, 2020:   The Cost of Applying & Interviewing for Residency

October 2, 2020:  7 Steps to Increase Your Credit Score During Medical School

November 6, 2020:   How to Manage Student Loans During Residency


Loan Debt Management

The Financial Aid Office realizes this is probably one of the biggest financial investments of your life.  It's crucial to use your financial aid dollars wisely and to make knowledgeable decisions about your financial future.  You need to be respectful of the money you'll be borrowing over the course of your education.  You don't have to borrow the entire amount in your financial aid award letter; borrow only what you need.

MedLoan Calculator

Loan Repayment

Loan Timeline

Loan Basics for Entering Medical Student

The repayment modules are designed to help you prepare to repay your student loans as you graduate and enter residency.  They are provided by Paul S. Garrard, Founder and President of PGPresents, a frequent presenter at the School of Medicine and your presenter on student loans during Capstone in spring 2020.  We encourage you to watch all the modules and to do so in the order presented.

The modules with audio are on OneDrive which require a Net ID and Password.  Click on the link below and you will be directed to enter your email address and then hit enter.  Select the Work/School account then enter your Net ID and Password.

 Repayment Modules - January 2020

 Class of 2024





Business of Medicine Seminar Series - You will need your net id and password to access these modules.

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