Research Seminars & Facilities

Cell and Molecular Biology Student Symposium

Duke Cell and Molecular Biology (CMB) Program is pleased to host the annual Cell and Molecular Biology Student Symposium on October 28, 2022 at Trent Semans Center at Duke University. The symposium will focus on "Translational Research in the Triangle: From Bench to Bedside", featuring 3 Keynote speakers: Dr. Nicholas Heaton, Dr. Angelica Martin, and Dr. Dusan Bogunovic.

Thursday Seminar Series

All CMB students participate in the CMB seminar course, CMB 764. This course features an hour-long session in which one advanced student presents his or her research and another advanced student presents an introduction to the upcoming speaker in the "Thursday Series". The second hour-long session is the seminar itself, presented by a distinguished visiting scientist (and open to the entire Duke community).  These seminars are held each Thursday from 12:30-1:30pm in 147 Nanaline Duke Building.  For more information: Thursday Series

Core Facilities

Duke University and the School of Medicine is committed to supporting state-of-the-art shared core facilities that can be used by all Duke researchers. These cores are physically housed and administered by various departments, institutes, and centers. Examples include Biostatistics and Computational Biology; Sequencing and Genomic Technologies; Flow Cytometry; Light Microscopy; Proteomics and Metabolomics, Biochemical Analysis and Chemical Synthesis Core; and the Microscopy and Imaging Core.

List of Core Facilities