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CMB 710 A-F

Modules in the CMB 710 series (A – F) are offered sequentially during the Fall semester and together cover 24 topics. These are the core offerings of the Cell & Molecular Biology Program and allow maximum flexibility for a student-designed curriculum. A minimum of four different topics are available during each module and students select one. Topics reflect the expertise of the corresponding faculty and emphasize either in-depth critical discussion of the primary literature or quantitative/mathematical approaches to addressing biological questions. Each module lasts for 2 weeks, with 3 meetings per week. Students entering through CMB are required to take 6 modules in fall semester of their first year and at least 4 of these modules must be in the CMB 710 series. The other two may be from the UPGEN 778 series. A total of 12 modules are required for the CMB certificate, and 8 of these must be from CMB710. To help you prepare for each module, the instructors have included a summary and any required reading that must be completed in advance of the start of each module. Note: The Drop/Add deadline for Fall 2020 applies to all of the modules.



CMB 764 and the Thursday Seminar Series

All CMB students participate in the CMB seminar course, CMB 764. This course features an hour-long session in which one advanced student presents his or her research and another advanced student presents an introduction to the upcoming speaker in the Thursday Series. The second hour-long session is the seminar itself, presented by a distinguished visiting scientist (and open to the entire Duke community).  These seminars are held for Fall and Spring each Thursday from 12:30-1:30pm via Zoom.

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