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Duke University and Duke University School of Medicine offer state-of-the-art shared research facilities that are available for use by all Duke investigators. Core facilities are physically housed and administered by Duke research institutes and centers, including the Duke Cancer Institute and the Duke Human Vaccine Institute. Cores with an asterisk (*) are live on CoreResearch@Duke.

For a more detailed description of the Service Center you can click on their name below to visit their website or read about each on myRESEARCHpath.

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Duke University and School of Medicine offer state-of-the-art biobanking research support services to Duke investigators. There are also existing biospecimen collections that are receptive to research collaborations.

Service Centers
Resources for biospecimen processing and storage

*BioRepository & Precision Pathology Center (DCI/Pathology)
*BioSight Service Center and Repository (Ophthalmology)
Bryan Brain Bank and Biorepository 
*OneDukebio Integrated biospecimen Network (ODIN)
*Substrate Services Core & Research Support (Surgery)
*Hemostasis & Thrombosis Center Core Lab (Hematology)​
*ID HIV Database (Infectious Disease)
*Substrate Services Core & Research Support (Surgery)

Other biorepositories available for research collaborations
*CIDDI BioBank (formerly CAGPM)

Other Duke resources