Space Management

Space Planning

It is the expectation of the School that Departments Centers and Institute effectively manage the space that has been assigned to them.

  • If a recruitment or program growth necessitates the need to grow the Unit footprint, submit a Space Request Form.
  • Once submitted there will be a review of the Units use of current space to determine if there are opportunities to incorporate the increased need.
  • If there is not appropriate space, then we work with the Unit to determine if there is an opportunity to grow their footprint.
  • Additional space needed to accommodate a new recruit should be requested and finalized before the recruiting moves forward

Space Loans Between Departments

  • If two Units negotiate a loan of space then it must be documented with a Space Loan MOU, a copy of this is submitted when the space move in the system is requested. Use the Space Loan Template for this MOU (hot link to the form move from Finance Intranet)
  • If the space being loaned is Wet Lab space a discussion with the Associate Dean should be part of the discussion from the beginning to ensure the loan is appropriate.
  • Any discussion with units outside the SOM must be handled with the Associate Dean involved. 

Returning Space to the SOM

  • If the unit wishes to return space to the central SOM control, reach out to the Associate Dean for discussion around the return.


  • Departments, Centers, and Institutes are responsible for maintaining their space data in University‚Äôs WebCentral space management system. Plant Accounting offers training and guidance on the use of the system.


  • For any requests regarding the Columbarium, please reach out to the Associate Dean, or the Staff Assistant to the Associate Dean.

Office Furniture Purchases

  • For office furniture purchases outside of a renovation project, we have established SOM standards with PMC and Alfred Williams. You can work with the PMC or Alfred Williams contacts listed on the website.
  • For the purchase of office chairs, we recommend you start with a review of the information provided by the Ergonomics office