Equipment Transfers

This procedure supplements GAP NO. 200.125 University, Medical Center and Government Surplus Property. Equipment Transfer Request Form included.

The School will follow federal guidelines with respect to equipment purchased by federal grants that are transferring with the transitioning faculty member; and any non-federal sponsor guidelines for equipment purchased by non-federal grants. Generally, equipment requested for transfer and purchased by sponsored projects still active will be allowed to transition with the faculty member.  Equipment eligible for sale to receiving institution will be sold unless Chair requests a waiver from the Dean. 


Note:  Make a note in the description field stating that you are working with SOM on an equipment transfer to (insert institution).

For items the Department agrees to transfer, please follow these step-wise instructions:

  1. Enter all pieces of equipment, regardless of value, into Procurement's online Asset Disposition Tool using these step-by-step instructions. Computers have to be entered individually by serial number, and scrubbed of all data / software / operating systems by the Surplus Property Office prior to being removed from Duke.
  2. Complete the online Equipment Transfer Request FormThe form will be automatically routed for approvals.

NOTE: The items listed on the Equipment Transfer Request document must match the items listed in the online Asset Disposition Tool.