Graduating Class Gift

Class of 2021

Congratulations, Class of 2021 on all of your accomplishments while obtaining your medical education at Duke!  As we celebrate and prepare for our graduation from medical school and the beginning of our lives as Duke doctors and alumni, let us come together one last time as a class and make a powerful statement about what being a Duke medical student has meant to us.  Giving back is part of the Duke experience — it truly would not be the same place without it. 

The Graduating Class Gift Campaign allows us to show appreciation for the top-tier medical education we received and to experience the satisfaction of giving back. This year is particularly special, because we are able to choose from three funds to allocate our class’s support.

Anti-Racism Project Fund

This fund is a priority in the Dean’s office and supports School of Medicine students, faculty, and staff in the efforts related to Duke’s commitment to anti-racism. 

Make your gift to the Anti-Racism Project Fund > 


COVID-19 Research Support Fund

This fund supports the infrastructure, expertise, and technology in the Duke Human Vaccine Institute and other units to conduct research aimed at developing countermeasures and vaccines.

Make your gift to the COVID-19 Research Support Fund > 


Medical Scholarship Fund

This year, 100% of the funds raised for this fund will be awarded only to students who qualify for need-based financial aid.

Make your gift to the Medical Scholarship Fund > 



  • Every gift (even $1.00) makes a difference and counts towards our overall goal of 100% participation!
  • Everyone will have the option to make their gift IN HONOR OF a faculty member or mentor

  • If you choose to make a multi-year pledge, the entire amount counts towards our class total

All who make a minimum gift of $20.21 will be recognized as an “honorary” member of the 2021 Davison Club—a School of Medicine leadership annual giving society named after the school’s founding Dean. New members will receive a Davison Club lapel pin. 

Participation Rate = ___%

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Let's Graduate and Make Our Gift!

Graduating Class Gift Committee

  • Dennis Akrobetu, Class Council President

  • Luke Wachsmuth, Davison Council President

  • Shivy Chandramouli

  • Alex Fenn

  • Jordan Hildenbrand

  • Courtney Richman

  • Cason Robbins

  • Christine Wu

What is the Graduating Class Gift Campaign?

Every year, the fourth year/graduating medical students come together to make a monetary contribution to the School of Medicine. Known collectively as the ‘class gift,’ students typically give an amount representing their graduating year ($20.21), but gift sizes can vary.

How can I participate?

Make your gift to one of the following three funds and and spread the word, every gift counts!

Anti-Racism Project Fund   

COVID-19 Research Support Fund 

Medical Scholarship Fund 


Duke Medical Alumni Association - Contact

Jennifer L. Turner
Associate Director, Alumni and Regional Engagement
300 W. Morgan Street, Suite 1200
Durham, NC 27701
Direct: (919) 385-3163  
Cell: (919) 972-1397

Past Graduating Class Gift Campaign Results

What have previous classes done?

Class of 2017 = 87% participation rate

Class of 2018 = 65% participation rate

Class of 2019 = 76% participation rate

Class of 2020* = 48% participation rate
(*ended early due to COVID-19)