Duke University and School of Medicine service centers offer state-of-the-art research support services and facilities to Duke investigators. Over 70 service centers provide expertise in a broad range of research needs. Housed and administered by the School’s departments, institutes, and centers, these service centers are staffed by experts in their fields and are available to the Duke research community.

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Duke, UNC and NIEHS host first ever Triangle Area Cryo-Symposium

To read more about this inaugural event click here: https://dhvi.duke.edu/duke-unc-and-niehs-host-first-ever-triangle-area-cryo-symposium

Shannon McCall

Should Biobanks be held to a Clinical Quality Standard? BRPC's Shannon McCall featured on the Mendelspod Science Podcast. 

Dr. McCall is the Director of the BioRepository & Precision Pathology Center and an Associate Professor of Pathology. Listen to her interview here, and learn more about the BRPC at http://pathology.duke.edu/brpc.

GCB Core Facilities Open House

Core Facilities Open House at Chesterfield Building

GCB will host an open house on February 2 from 3-5pm at the Chesterfield Building for the Proteomics & Metabolomics and Sequencing & Genomic Technologies shared resources.

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Dr. Miller and Dr. Vancini with the microscope, photo courtesy DUMC PhotoPath

Serial Block Face Scanning Electron Microscopy Now Available

The Pathology Electron Microscopy shared resource was awarded an NIH grant to bring serial block face scanning electron microscopy to Duke. The microscope is now installed and available for use. Read more about the award and technology here.

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Research equipment

New Duke Rodent Inhalation and Physiology Core Resource Facility

The facility provides Duke Investigators and its partners with expertise in rodent inhalation, injury and therapeutic models. Pulmonary specialists and skilled technical staff with greater than 10 years of experience provide all core services.

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Chesterfield Building, Durham, NC

Sequencing & Genomic Technologies and Proteomics & Metabolomics core facilities are moving locations

Two core facilities, will move into the newly renovated Chesterfield building in downtown Durham in mid-July. 

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