OPSD Resources

The goals of the Office of Physician-Scientist Development are to:

  • Develop a sustainable pipeline for physician-scientists in the School of Medicine
  • Coordinate physician-scientist development and community across the School of Medicine
  • Provide infrastructure and resources for physician-scientists in the School of Medicine
  • Increase the number of MDs and MD/PhDs who pursue, succeed, and are retained in basic, clinical, and translational research



Resources offered by our office include:

Research Careers Ahead! Seminar Series

The Research Careers Ahead! Seminar Series aims to inspire students, trainees and junior faculty to embrace a research career.  Seminars will equip participants with knowledge and skills needed to develop a robust research program.  Each seminar will provide an opportunity for professional networking with other scientists.

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To view prior seminars, please see the links below:

Maximizing the Mentor/Mentee Relationship by Dr. Richard Liddle, Dr. Diego Bohorquez and Kelly Buchanan (September 25, 2019)

See how three generations of mentors and mentees present the ingredients for getting the best out of a mentoring relationship


In Pursuit of Hypothesis-Driven Research by Dr. Gerry Blobe (August 28, 2019)

In this seminar, Dr. Blobe covers how the hypothesis fits into the scientific method, how to transition from an idea to a hypothesis, how to structure a hypothesis-driven question, writing and developing a hypothesis, and experimental design to address a hypothesis.

Enhancing Your Visibility as a Scientist by Dr. Matthew Sparks (June 26, 2019)

Making the Most of the Mentoring Relationship by Dr. Cathleen Colon-Emeric (May 22, 2019)

Anatomy of a Scientific Paper by Dr. Andrew Alspaugh (March 27, 2019)

OPSD Scholars


The OPSD Scholars program is for residents, fellows, and junior faculty physician-scientists who have indicated a desire for additional career mentorship in addition to their clinical and research mentorship.  As OPSD Scholars, you have the opportunity to gain mentorship from a Master Mentor in your desired area of research who will provide a wealth of knowledge to support your early investigative career.   OPSD also offers mentor consultation services for Medical Students.

To apply for OPSD Scholar services or mentor consultation,


Resources for Scholars

Integrated Training Pathways


  • Support to departments and trainees to enable continuity of research training throughout clinical training, including via the NIH R38 Stimulating Access to Research during Residency (StARR) award
  • Provide opportunity to apply for technician support during clinical training years and transition to faculty

Physician Scientist Training Program

List of Physician Scientist Training Program Recommendations

The overall goal of a department-level PSTP is to identify and train the next generation of physician-scientists. To this end, each program should provide support for mentor identification, scholarship oversight committees, individual development plans, and resources for conducting research.  OPSD offers the following guidelines in an effort to help departments with this endeavor.

Department Level PSTP Guidelines

Physician-Scientist Funding Program

  • Research funding for medical students, including funding for a second research year during medical school
  • Grant writing support for students, residents and fellows applying for research training and career development funding
  • Administration of the Strong Start Award to support junior faculty physician- scientists through the transition to independence
  • Assistance in finding funding opportunities for physician-scientist trainees and faculty at all career stages
  • Assistance to departments and established physician-scientist mentors seeking training and mentorship funding mechanisms