Basic Science Research

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Basic Science Research

At Duke, we ask fundamental questions to improve human health and disease.

Duke researchers in the basic science and clinical departments are engaged in a wide range of basic science research, studying cell biology, immunology, neurobiology, biochemistry, pharmacology, microbiology, and genetics in organisms from bacteria to human. 

Duke offers a collaborative and inclusive research environment where scientists at all levels work to address fundamental scientific problems. To foster the success of its investigators, Duke University School of Medicine offers a variety of core facility services, seminar series, and professional development programs.

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Personalized research portal that enables members of the research community to manage their research portfolio by consolidating tools and information in one place

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Interactive research roadmap that helps users navigate the research ecosystem at Duke using an intuitive lifecycle-based interface

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Expert help when you need it. A team of experts available to help you, providing 1:1 consultations and a research hotline

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