MD Prospective Students

In evaluating applicants for admission,  Duke maintains a strict policy of selecting candidates without regard to their ability to pay for medical school.  Candidates selected for admission are invited to apply for financial assistance.  US citizenship or permanent residence is required of all students receiving federal and/or institutional aid through the school.  You should complete the application process early to ensure a financial aid award has been made before you need to make a decision about attending Duke University School of Medicine.

The decision to attend a high-cost private medical school should involve the entire family.  For purposes of the schools' need based funds (available for the MD program only) the student is not viewed as financially independent of parents. Individual students (and spouses, if married) and their parents have the primary responsibility for financing the cost of a medical education at Duke.  Parental information will be used to determine grant eligibility each year of enrollment.   Duke looks at both natural parents for purposes of determining Duke-based financial aid for a student with divorced or separated parents.  

Please complete the required forms listed below if you want to apply for financial assistance.

Due Date:  April 1, 2021

  • FAFSA application
    Required for all students applying for aid; School code 002920, 
  • CSS Profile 
    Required for all students applying for need based aid for 2021-2022 academic aid year; school code 5152.  CSS Profile has a link to IDOC, a service where you can upload 2019 parent and student tax returns/W2's.

*We encourage students to use IRS data retrieval when completing the FAFSA application.  Upon receipt of your SAR (Student Aid Report) review for any messages that may require further action on your part.